Who are you? Do you feel home with yourself?

Who are you? 

How would you answer that question?

With your name? Your age? Where you are? What you do for a living? Where you’re from? Your education? Your culture? Your religion? Your gender? Your sexual orientation? Your relationship status?

Or perhaps you would tell me about the stories that brought you here? Where you’ve been… what you’ve done… who you know…

But are these really who you are? 


I want to SEE the real YOU behind the facade. 

What lights you up. 
What you will stand up for. 
How you move through grief & sorrow as well as 
how you jump and dance with joy & gratitude. 
If you can distinguish your own thoughts from others’. 
What your soul longs for. 
I want to see the WHOLE you.

I just guided 8 women through a process to really get to REMEMBER who they really are.
At their core. What their true ESSENCES are.

They’re ready to no longer hide. And even though the journey with these women part of my Nourish Your Roots Program 🌱 was only a few weeks, I can see that something has changed in them. Even on the physical level. It’s a light and a lightness that radiate all around them. It’s a new sparkle in their eyes that seems to reflect the starry sky. And the most beautiful part is that they now see it too in themselves when they look in the mirror.  

That’s how I know that the process worked. 
That something powerful has been activated. 
That these beautiful souls are now home. 
Being RE-MEMBERED in their body. 🦋

It is so powerful to finally remember who we are and to feel more at home with ourselves that we’ve ever felt since a kid (and some never even got to feel that even as a kid). 

There’s so much happening everywhere around us at this time of the year and not being firmly grounded in our own roots of who we are can bring a lot of stress and anxiety, especially if you don’t feel home with yourself.

Do you feel home within yourself? 🏡 
Do you know who you really are? 💕