When did you start saying those harsh things to yourself?

Me before I started being mean to myself!

Did someone around you tell you things, directly or indirectly?

Someone in your family?
A teacher or other kids at school?
A random person or someone you looked up to?

I was told that I talked too much and I forced myself to become quiet.

I was told that kids raised on farms smell bad so I always felt disgusting and less worthy than everyone else.

I was told that my appearance was not meeting the expectations of the cool kids and that was the beginning of body hate and self-loathing which started my 20-year fight with my weight and body.

When did that all start?

Why did you let some of the things they said creep their way into your head?

No matter where these things come from and how long they’ve been there, you can get erase them.

These harsh things are not yours.
They’re not you. They are not true.

I am so sorry for these things others told you and
I’m sorry you bought into the misunderstanding they were true.

Stop repeating them to yourself and the healing journey will begin. ❤️