What are your best food memories?

What are some of your best meal memories?

Was it more about the food? Or about the people? Or an event / celebration? Or about where you were?

This meal is so simple yet it brings so many memories back to me.
It was so delicious and truly nourishing for all 4 parts of my self.

1) My body loved the protein + carbs + generous healthy fats.

2) My heart loved feeling the freedom and joy of traveling on my own in Guatemala.

3) My mind loved that much needed break from med school and from the Canadian winter.

4) My soul felt at ease without the constraints and pressure of the masks, obligations, and expectations of my regular day-to-day life then. I didn’t feel like I had to hide or disguise myself to be someone I wasn’t.

When you are nourishing your self on all 4 levels, all of your meals become more satisfying and you’ll stop constantly looking for more food when you know your body is fed but that’s another part that’s feeling hungry.

A part of you that will never be satisfied with more food but only with what it really craves, which only you know (even if it might not come to you easily or naturally at first, it’s a skill you can practice).

So tell me about one of your best meal memory and how it nourished all 4 parts of your self.
I want to hear about it!:)