Why are we so shocked and offended by this “unicorn drink”?


Not why so much sugar but rather why do we care so much and why are “health-conscious” people so OFFENDED by this drink?

It’s so easy to judge things at first glance and try to feel morally superior by comparing.

It’s easy to look at people living in larger bodies and think they eat too much or don’t go to the gym enough. And to make them feel like all of their problems are due to their weight. But do we really know their whole story? And aren’t we perpetuating old dogmas that aren’t even founded in science?

It’s easy to look at this drink and believe it’s so awful when:
1) there are tons of other foods with a similar profile, and
2) there are tons of more important issues in the world that we should get OFFENDED about.

Why aren’t we OFFENDED that the diet industry is the only industry that is thriving with a faulty concept that causes 95% of the population to fail by making us believe it’s our fault?

Why aren’t we OFFENDED that this kind of messaging and labeling of food as good vs bad is one of the biggest contributors to disordered eating and eating disorders?

Why aren’t we OFFENDED that most chocolates, even “healthy” dark ones, are still the product of child slavery today?

Why aren’t we OFFENDED that the cheap clothes we buy, made in third world countries, are contributing to putting workers in terrible and sometimes even deadly conditions?

Why aren’t we OFFENDED that most of our foods travel thousands of miles while our local farmers are barely making a living?

Why aren’t we OFFENDED that most of the coffee we drink that isn’t fair trade and shade-grown is contributing to deforestation?

I mean, what did you expect? Just look at it.
Personally, I have absolutely no interest in it other than finding the name cool. I’ve never been a candy type of person and I’d rather have chocolate and brownies.

But I have no problem if you want to give it a try, as long as it isn’t an act of rebellion and that you do it in a way that’s respectful to your body by feeling how it feels and using that information for future decisions.

It’s not about self-control, it’s about self-care and about caring for the rest of the world and planet too. 🙂

Nutritionally yours,