tiny & invisible (a poem on & a message from COVID-19)

a tiny & invisible virus came
reached all corners of the earth
and fear infected every heart
the rat race stopped
everything they thought they knew
everything they thought was certain
wasn’t anymore

it felt like life had stopped
all of society was on lockdown
everything familiar taken away
the things taken for granted slipping away
the routines that made them feel like 
they had everything together and figured out 

leaving them with nothing
but themselves
leaving them with nothing
but the truth 
hiding beneath 
the facade of their busyness and 
all of the pretend game
that their society really was

it all became so clear
once everybody slowed down
it all became so clear
that the real issue wasn’t the virus

they realized that they had all been hiding
every single one of them
so much fear & pain
nicely tucked inside of their routines & habits
so that they would no longer see the fear & pain
yet there it was
and there it had been all along
this tiny & invisible virus
being a magnifying glass for it all

and now they could see 
how alone they had been feeling
how alone they had been with that fear & pain
and how connecting with the whole world
with something as little as a virus
helped them remember their humanity
helped them remember their interconnectedness
helped them remember hope 
hope for their own healing
hope for a more fulfilling life
hope for a better world

and as they thought that life had stopped
they realized that nature kept doing her thing
that the sun kept rising
that the moon kept waxing & waning
that the plants kept growing
that the clouds kept bringing rain
that rivers kept flowing
that the animals kept going
some even happier than ever now 
without humans interfering

and that’s when many realized 
that Mother Earth actually didn’t need humans at all
that Gaia would keep thriving and flourishing
even if every human disappeared 
from the surface of the planet
and that’s when they realized 
how much of a gift it is to be here
in this body on this planet
being nourished by Gaia
her food, her air, her water, her everything

Mother Earth gives us everything
so generously
and we forgot
we forgot how connected we are to her
we forgot that we are part of her
and we forgot how to even say thank you

and while there was still fear
and a lot of uncertainty
mixed with some sadness 
now remembering all the things
that were forgotten along the way
all the truest things that ever existed
were being remembered
inner lights that had become so dimmed
started being rekindled 
a new determination 
a sense of purpose 
that had been lost for so long
brought the humans together
and many of them started rising together
elevating their perspective
holding the compass of their most important values
close to their heart
aligning themselves with their True North
venturing into the shadows and transmuting fears
with courage
with so much courage

in the midst of all of the uncertainty
one thing was certain
and it was that change was needed
that it was time to bring change
that it was time to be the change

and that’s how something 
as tiny & invisible as a virus
brought the whole world together
and back towards 
the most powerful yet invisible force
there ever was and will always be:

~ Aglaée

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