They wanted to put a band-aid on my ovaries.

They wanted to put a band-aid on my ovaries.

What if your doctor offered to take a pill to mask your symptoms …WITHOUT correcting the root cause of your symptoms? WOULD YOU TAKE IT?

That’s what my Dr suggested….. 

“What? How the heck is going back on the pill going to help my PCOS?” That’s what I thought but I stayed quiet. But in my head and my heart, this didn’t feel right.

This happened to me with PCOS but it happens ALL THE TIME with all kinds of health issues.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with PCOS, which stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, after not having a period for almost a year and a half. It’s a condition where the hormones are imbalanced that is often accompanied with irregular periods and can even lead to infertility.

The standard approach to “treat” PCOS is to go on the birth control pill to regularize the menstrual cycle ARTIFICIALLY with the use of external hormones.
It’s like putting a BAND-AID on a WOUND that STILL has a SPLINTER in it.

Our periods are a good way to monitor how our hormones are working in balance with each other. But I didn’t want to go on the pill just for the sake of having a regular period. I wanted to get my periods back naturally.

How could taking hormones help me balance my own hormones and how could I track my progress if I take the pill that masks my body’s own natural cycle?

This just didn’t make sense.

So I said no.

And I decided looking for the TRUE ROOT CAUSE.
I had some DIGGING to do to uncover them. I had to UNTANGLING to do to see and understand the roles of different factors more clearly.

Then, I had to REMOVE the TOXINS contaminating my roots and replace them with FOODS + HABITS + BELIEFS that truly nourished them. Slowly but surely, the new nourishment I was getting from my roots started nourishing my organs, body systems, and every single one of my cells.

And I felt better than I had ever had.

Getting to the ROOT of your SYMTOMS = where healing & true transformation happen.

Are you ready to get to the root of YOUR symptoms?


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NOTE: I’m NOT saying there are cases where going on the pill is a good idea. It’s really individual and there are women for whom it’s very beneficial. My point here is that I wish doctor made more of an effort to look for the root cause and correct it, whether you are on the pill or not.


I’m Aglaée Jacob (feel free to call me AJ) and I’m a non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, and self-love guide. I’m the founder of Radicata Nutrition, which was inspired by one of my favorite words: roots (Radicata is Latin for roots).

I help women who feel crazy and out of control with food go to the ROOTS of their food + health issues so they feel NOURISHED in their mind, heart, and soul and can finally find PEACE and FREEDOM with food, their body, and their life.

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