The story of the little seed. A story about breaking free from food and weight struggles (my story and maybe yours too).


Once upon a time, there was a little seed lost and buried in the dark.
She didn’t know how to break free of her husk and start living above the ground.
She felt like she would be stuck there forever.

She tried to be every kind of flower she saw on social medias and in the magazines
(not being aware that most of them were fake and still stuck underground too).
She tried eating more or less of low-carb nitrogen or low-fat phosphorus,
only to binge on magnesium later when feeling sad and alone.
She tried stepping on the scale every day to watch her weight and
going (or thinking she should go) to the gym for hours.

She tried everything and she felt so miserable.
She felt like something was missing.
She felt like a failure and obsessed about finding the magic bullet.

One day, the little seed’s Inner Wisdom whispered to her that she wasn’t broken.
She decided to listen and take a closer look inside of her.
She really wanted to start trusting the process because
she was so exhausted and nothing else had worked.

She started nourishing her body in a way that felt good when she needed it.
She started detoxing her mind from the thoughts she would never ever give to other seeds and
started training her mind to be watered with compassion instead.
She also soaked herself with warming rays of love almost every day.

Healing the little seed took some time.

Little by little, the seed broke free of her husk and started growing roots,
allowing her to feel more grounded and connected.
She faced some resistance from all the dirt around her but didn’t give up.
At times, it felt like it would just be easier to go back to her husk and she did go back to it a few times.
Yet she knew there was something more out there so she kept hoping and growing.

She took it a moment at a time, inspired by the courage of her heart and guided by her soul.

One day, she saw the light for the first time and rose around the ground.
She stood tall on her stem and started stretching her leaves
to take her place in this world, one millimeter at a time.

She saw all the beauty around her and then noticed her own reflection in a droplet of water.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. She had never seen any other flower quite like her.
She saw that she had a magnetic, radiant glow.
She had her own unique colours and shapes and, like every other flower,
she was the exact size she was meant to be. 

She was free.


Every seed deserves to be nourished and nurtured.
Every seed deserves to break free of what’s keeping her buried in the dark.
Every seed deserves to stretch her leaves and become the flower she is at her core,
not only to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life but to shine her own light into this world. <3


This is my story. 

Is this your story too? 


p.s. I use “she” in this story because I am this seed. I know that this story is also about you, so please feel free to use “he” or any other pronoun that applies for you. 

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