The Food Triangle: where do you fit between food rules and rebellion?

After a conversation with a client where we were talking about food issues swinging between food rules and rebellion, a food triangle appeared to me so clearly.

Even though I have been stuck myself at the bottom part of that triangle most of my life, it’s just lately that I discovered that this whole food dynamic had actually been a triangle all along and that my recovery was because I started exploring the top of the triangle, which is really the best and healthiest place to be.

I know it’s probably not making any sense right now and that’s why I recorded a video to explain it all.

To give you a taste, the 2 bottom extremities of the triangle are food rules vs food rebellion.

Listen to learn more and discover what the top of the triangle offers as another alternative to endlessly bouncing off between the food rules and food rebellion?

Enjoy the listen! 

Your non-diet dietitian and heart & soul nutritionist,