the nourishing podcast is born!

Yes, it’s true!

I feel like I’ve been pregnant with this podcast for over a year.

Last fall, I even wrote a long of things down about this podcast. But it wasn’t time yet. And at the end of April 2020, right in the middle (hopefully it’s somewhere close to the middle!) of the quarantine with COVID-19, I went into labor and the nourishing podcast came out of me!

Effortlessly. Sometimes we force to make things happen but if we trust our inner guidance and trust in perfect Divine timing, everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to happen!

And here it is!

the nourishing podcast
the nourishing podcast

This podcast is of course all about nourishment and my intention is that listening to it provides nourishment for your whOle Self, especially your mind + heart + soul.

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Enjoy the listen!

And if I may ask a favor, I would love your help to help me nurture my little baby podcast! This podcast is brand new into this world and it needs a LOT of love.

I need YOUR help to help me spread more nourishment into the world… because you and I both know that the world definitely needs more of that! You can help me by subscribing, sharing the podcast, and/or leaving a review.

Sending you the biggest hug,

Aglaée ♡ ♡ ♡