should + food = recipe for disaster

How many times a day do you use the word “should”
when it comes to your food and your body?

As in:

  • I should only eat “clean” foods today
  • I shouldn’t eat more than X grams of carbs today
  • I should eat no more than X calories
  • I should intermittent fast
  • I should eat every 2-3 hours
  • I should eat more
  • I should eat less
  • I should eat something “green”
  • I should have more veggies
  • I shouldn’t have fat with carbs
  • I should drink only water
  • I should cut out fats / grains / sugar
  • I shouldn’t eat past 8 pm
  • I should or shouldn’t snack
  • I should find another diet
  • I should exercise today
  • I should be trying to lose weight
  • I should weigh X lbs or have X% body fat
  • I shouldn’t eat so much
  • I should eat more like her
  • I should try to be more like her

OMG, this sounds exhausting just thinking of the list of all the “shoulds” that used to be constantly in my head… Over and over again. 🙁

All day long from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. And sometimes at night too.

If you use “should” or “shouldn’t” more than 2-3 times a day (or more likely 100s of times a day), especially about your good weight, or body, your relationship with food might need some healing.

You might be a good candidate for the Radicata SEED Protocol I created to heal my 2 decades of struggling with food so I could finally start living a 360-degree life! You have the option of group classes or private 1:1 coaching with me to guide you on your healing journey.  🙂

With the power and wisdom of the Radicata SEED Protocol, I’ll help you decode the messages behind these shoulds and teach you how to deactivate them!

Your non-diet dietitian and heart & soul nutritionist,