Are your roots mal-nourished? {root #4: the soul}

::: root #4: the soul :::

{how nourished are your roots? – part 4/4}

To feel more nourished, more grounded, and more true to yourself, all 4 of your roots { body + mind + heart + soul } need some important different nutrients.

How do you know whether your roots are strong or if they’ve been mal-nourished?

Let’s look at some signs that your roots are weak and in need of more nourishment, now moving on to the fourth root which is the mysterious one but really comes together when all other roots are aligned and integrated: the soul.


Here are 9 signs that your SOUL is mal-nourished:

#1) you feel alone/lonely

#2) you feel like you’ve been abandoned and that you’re on your own

#3) you feel disconnected from the rest of the world

#4) you feel like there’s no point to it all

#5) you feel like you’re only living your life in a superficial way and that your life lacks depth

#6) you have a hard time noticing the beauty of the little things in people and the world around you

#7) you feel like your soul is joy-deprived

#8) you have a sense of doom / like the other shoe is going to drop (don’t feel at peace very often)

#9) you don’t laugh as much as you used to


How many of these signs do you have?
Add them up and share the number in the comments below.

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