Are your roots mal-nourished? {root #3: the heart}

::: root #3: the heart :::

{how nourished are your roots? – part 3/4}

To feel more nourished, more grounded, and more true to yourself, all 4 of your roots { body + mind + heart + soul } need some important different nutrients.

How do you know whether your roots are strong or if they’ve been mal-nourished?

Let’s look at some signs that your roots are weak and in need of more nourishment, now moving on to the third root which is too often easily forgotten in the whole personal growth and spirituality realm: the heart.


Here are 9 signs that your HEART is mal-nourished:

#1) you eat your emotions

#2) you feel disconnected from your emotions (you don’t know how you’re feeling most of the time)

#3) you tend to numb or distract yourself from your emotions (binge watching Netflix, shopping, drinking, or any other strategies)

#4) you have issues with your relationships (any kinds of relationships)

#5) you have a hard time receiving love

#6) you have a hard time trusting others

#7) you tend to isolate when things get difficult

#8) you have a hard time asking for help

#9) you have forgotten about your hobbies and dreams


How many of these signs do you have?
Add them up and share the number in the comments below.

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