Are your roots mal-nourished? {root #1: the body}

::: root #1: the body :::

{how nourished are your roots? – part 1/4}

To feel more nourished, more grounded, and more true to yourself, all 4 of your roots { body + mind + heart + soul } need some important different nutrients.

How do you know whether your roots are strong or if they’ve been mal-nourished?

Let’s look at some signs that your roots are weak and in need of more nourishment, starting with the root that you’re probably the most familiar with: the body.

Here are 9 signs that your BODY is mal-nourished:

1️⃣ you have a hard time getting up in the morning
2️⃣ you are tired a lot and feel like you have to push yourself to get through the day
3️⃣ you over-eat
4️⃣ you under-eat
5️⃣ you have shallow breathing!
6️⃣ you overtrain and/or have frequent injuries
7️⃣ you feel disconnected from your body
8️⃣ you are constantly doing something ALL the time
9️⃣ you suffer from physical symptoms (i.e. headaches, bloating & gut issues, etc…)

How many of these signs do you have?
Add them up and share the number in the comments below.

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