Recipe – Radicata Fat Bombs (paleo, low-carb, high-fat, gluten-free & nut-free snack, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER)

Are you trying to reduce your sugar intake or get rid of your frequent cravings for sweets? Do you often have energy dips between meals? Or do you need an easy way to add extra calories and fat to your REAL food diet, whether you are underweight, workout regularly or just can’t seem to eat enough to meet your body’s needs?

I love these Radicata Fat Bombs for all of the above uses! 🙂

There are many fat bomb recipes on the web, but I like these ones because they DON’T USE ANY ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS unlike others (which is a very good thing considering recent studies associating them with autoimmunity and changes in the microbiome / gut flora!).

These fat bombs get their natural sweetness by grilling the shredded coconut and combining it with coconut manna and butter. You can even add vanilla extract or cinnamon if you like to increase the sugar-free sweetness.

You can use coconut butter and coconut oil, but I like using grassfed butter to get a bit more variety in the nutrients these fat bombs provide (i.e. extra vitamin A and anticancer CLAs).

I pop one (or two!) in my mouth whenever I have a craving or need extra energy between meals and it works wonders. Let me know how they work for you! 🙂

Radicata Fat Bombs



  1. Put your container of coconut manna in hot water to let it soften a little before measuring.
  2. In the meantime. grill the shredded coconut in a skillet under medium heat until golden.
  3. Mix all the ingredients together.
  4. Spoon the mixture in a silicon mold.
  5. Freeze for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove your fat bombs from the mold and store in the freezer.