February 23, 2016

Real Food Mamas Podcast

The Real Food Mamas Podcast is about two crunchy moms chatting about health, nutrition and just what real life is as a mom.

The Real Food Mamas are both passionate about natural pregnancy, undisturbed birth and healthy living for the whole family. They don’t pretend to be experts but they’re just two real new moms wanting to bring other moms together by discussing everything related to being a mom, from optimizing fertility, making pregnancy and birth empowering experiences, and keeping the whole family healthy while not forgetting about their own self-care.

Listen to Steph& Aglaée share stories, discuss their views and interview experts about topics ranging from baby led weaning, elimination communication, sleep, home birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding struggles, babywearing, parenting styles, diastesis recti, pelvic floor health, their favorite products and of course their passion for real food.

All done very respectfully in a judgment-free zone because we’re all learning together. 🙂

Listen to us directly on RealFoodMamasPodcast.com or find us on iTunes or Stitcher!