Radicata Wise Women Circle

Opening with the New Moon of December (Dec 17, 2017)! 🙂

Do you feel called to live
your life a different way?

Do you feel like there’s something missing
and wish you could live a life
that is guided by ancient wisdom?

Have you always been drawn to the moon
and desire to develop your intuition?

For many women, learning —or rather remembering— how to live with the cycles of the moon and the rhythms of Mother Earth bring harmony, peace, and meaning to their life while connecting them more deeply with their inner wisdom and intuition

The Radicata Wise Women Circle is for you if you feel a connection to the moon, Mother Earth, the cycles of the month and year, and to something bigger out there and desire to grow and strengthen that connection.

It’s also for you if you feel like you don’t want to live your life as if you were constantly running non-stop on a hamster wheel by using the power fo rituals to your weeks and months.

And it’s definitely for you if you feel called to explore ancient (& feminine) wisdom, your own intuition, and other things that might be considered woo-woo (but that simply is ancient wisdom that current science doesn’t yet understand) in a safe circle of like-minded sisters and wise women

What does the Radicata Wise Women Circle include?

The Radicata Wise Women Circle is hard to define by words or a list of things… it truly has to be experienced…!
But here’s an idea of what it includes. 🙂

  • a Monthly Live Circle
    • we gather the Tuesday night closest to the Full Moon
    • the circle is recorded for those who can’t make it live
    • as the Radicata Wise Women Circle grows, we’ll add more dates to keep each of the circle intimate
  • a Sisterhood
    • this is your online community (currently held on Fb)
    • it’s through this portal that you’ll receive information about how to live in harmony with the cycles of the moon and rhythms of Mother Earth (short video classes, exclusive posts, suggestions of specific rituals etc.)
    • it is also where you can connect with other wise women, ask your questions, and support and inspire each other
  • a Monthly Q&A call
    • attend live the Monday before the New Moon (also recorded)
    • ask your questions live or send them beforehand 
  • a Book Club
    • each month, we’ll focus on a book —or a few chapters of a book— to really extract and digest all the nuggets of wisdom (instead of always jumping from one book to the next without fully taking it in!)
  • a Monthly Distant Energy Healing & Reiki Session to all the Wise Women of the circle
    • Reiki is a Japanese technique. Rei means Higher Power / Universe / Source (whichever appeals to you) and Ki means life force energy. So Reiki = Universal Life Force Energy or Source Life Force Energy. When doing Reiki, I’m not using/giving my own energy but rather using myself as a conduit to send you that energy. Energy is everywhere and life force energy and healing can, therefore, be sent at a distance too. 🙂
    • these sessions are really a way to catalyze the healing and help integrate whatever has been stirred up in the past month. You can carry on doing whatever you’re doing during the session, it doesn’t affect the effectiveness. You may feel something (tingling sensation, more energy, warm sensation, etc) or you may not notice anything at all. Either way, something will be happening. 

My guarantee

Here’s what I can guarantee to you if you gather with us in the Radicata Wise Women Circle.

Every moon, you will:

  • strengthen your connection to yourself, the moon, Mother Earth, and a sisterhood of Wise Women,
  • develop your intuition and learn new practical tools to access guidance from Source/Spirit/Universe,
  • discover the power of rituals and implement small ones in your life,
  • explore your spirituality, without attachment to any specific religions,
  • remember your sacred ancient wisdom and embrace the feminine way of living your life.

And you even get a few bonus!!!

  • Monthly gifts! ♥
    • each month, you’ll get the opportunity to win one of the monthly gifts which include
      • oracle readings 
      • energy drawing (details here)
      • healing catalyst coaching session with Aglaée (AJ)
  • a free moon cycle!
    • Yes, if you stay for a whole year, you’ll actually get a free moon cycle. This is because there are 12 monthly payments in a year but there are 13 moon cycles each year. Another good reason to stick around and learn about the true real meaning of the number 13 (hint: it’s not a scary number but actually represents the sacred feminine!) ♥

Are you ready to live a life guided by ancient
(& feminine) wisdom, rituals, and your own intuition?

Come and gather with us. ♥♥♥
The Radicata Wise Women are waiting for you.

only $33 USD/ month

join for a few months or stay for a whole year and beyond!
(you’re free to cancel at any time) 

Note about the payment: if you sign up before the circle starts (before December 17), I’ll pause your payments and resume them for the 2nd month starting with the January New Moon on January 16. 


Who am I?

A bit more about me, Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD (full bio):
I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in the science of nutrition with 12+ years of experience as a registered dietitian, and I’m a published author of 3 books and cookbooks (Digestive Health with Real Food).
I’m also:
♥ a self-love guide,
♥ an intuitive energy healer,
♥ an Energy Drawing Certified Practitioner,
♥ a Reiki Practitioner,
♥ a Lunar and a Cyrstal Mystic,
♥ a spiritual & heart warrior.
I healed my chronic gut issues, reversed my PCOS, balanced my hormones and blood sugars, beat my eating disorder, and learned how to feel at home in my body and nourished in my mind, heart, and soul using the tools I now share with my clients. 
I first experienced the power of circles & sisterhood, both for myself and for catalyzing the healing and growth of the women I work with, in 2016 and I’m currently studying and practicing to become a Certified Sacred Circle Holder. I have been on a quest to quench my intense thirst for ancient wisdom & feminine wisdom for years and am passionate about constantly deepening it and sharing it with other Wise Women (that’s you!) around me.