Radicata Self-Love Transformation ~ summer 2017 only!

I’m so excited to introduce this brand new program for the summer. I’ve been training to become a self-love guide since last September and have already seen how transformative this self-love medicine has been, not only for myself but also for so many of my clients! 

This is why I’m introducing this Radicata Self-Love Transformation Program for the summer!

This program is for women dealing with:

  • overeating and emotional eating
  • self-sabotaging habits (with food or elsewhere in your life)
  • body image issues and feeling uncomfortable in your body
  • negative self-talk (in any area of your life)

That pretty much means every single woman on the planet, doesn’t it?! 🙂

Self-love doesn’t have a destination, it’s a journey. Starting walking on that path can be so healing and transformative. And the ripple effect can positively impact and transform many other areas of your life, including your health, relationships, career, and overall happiness.

The reason why I’m so passionate about self-love is because this was not my strong area for most of my life. I was very mean to myself and that’s putting it nicely. I hated looking at myself in the mirror and I hated even more shopping for clothes because I thought I always looked too big. I even forgot about who I really am and made self-sabotaging decisions because I didn’t feel good enough to deserve better. I had absolutely zero self-care part of my life and my self-love was probably at around 1/10. 

One of the best examples of that is my relationship with food. I abused my body with food, either by over restricting or overeating, and punishing myself with exercise. I would torture myself every single day, if not every single hour, trying to micro-manage what went into my body only to self-sabotage everything later in the day… only to start over the next day.

And every time I failed, I told myself things like:

  • “I knew you couldn’t do it”
  • + “You failed again”
  • + “You’re disgusting”
  • + “What is wrong with you?”
  • + “You’re such a fraud and everybody will soon find out”

Those are horrible thoughts and it’s even hard for me to write it down because it sounds so hurtful… but that was just my reality just like I know it is the reality of so many women. I’m sure you’ve had similar thoughts too even though you’d never ever ever say that to anyone.

The good news is that you can break free
of that self-hate and self-loathing that are actually
at the very root of why you keep self-sabotaging yourself.

Self-love doesn’t necessarily mean loving your body and every part of yourself, especially when you’ve been at the other side of the spectrum for so long. Starting by coming to a place of neutrality where you slowly remove the negative thoughts is a good place to start and then slowly, you can start moving into acceptance and learning how to have more compassion for yourself. 

Imagine how much space and energy you could create in your head, your heart, and your life! Spaciousness that you could create to be the woman you desire to be and already are at your core. Spaciousness to be a better mom, partner, daughter, friend, community member, and human being. Spaciousness to do things that bring you joy and make you feel alive.

It has been life-changing for me and for many women I’ve had the opportunity to work with. My gift is to be able to hold a safe space where you feel heard and understood without judgment. A place where you feel safe to explore old thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. A place where you can find that lost connection to your own self and truly transform from the inside out.

The Radicata Self-Love Transformation Package includes:

  • 4 x powerful and transformative coaching sessions with me (60 min each)
    • including customized guided reflections
    • + email recap with the important nuggets of wisdom after each session
    • + easy, quick, and practical tools, structures, and practices to take into your life
    • + the recording of our sessions together
    • + unlimited access to me by email 

Your investment is only $288 USD. Package valid for 3 months. Keep in mind that I’m not sure whether I will offer this program again and that the fees will go up if I do offer it again. You also have the option of going with one session at a time for $88 USD/each. 

If you want to get a FREE 15-min Self-Love Appetizer with me
to make sure this is a right fit for you, click here to book it now.

I’m looking forward to talking to you very soon!

Sending you much love and many blessings,