February 5, 2021

Qoya ~ movement with meaning

Qoya is movement with meaning.

It is founded on the very simple idea that, through movement, we remember our essence is wise, wild, & free.

Wise, wild, & free also draw reference to the 3 forms of movement we practice. Wise from the wisdom of yoga. Wild from the creative expression of dance. And free from pleasure-based and feminine movements.

There are no levels with Qoya. You come as you are.

And there are no ways you can do it wrong. And the way you know you’re doing it right is that it feels good in your body.

Are you ready to experience movement as medicine & nourishment for your body + mind + heart + soul?

Your instructor, Aglaée Jacob (or AJ)
MS Nutrition, author x3, self-love guide, sacred circle holders, certified Qoya teacher

>>> Weekly Qoya classes every other Thursday @ 7pm ET
& every other Saturday @ 1pm ET

>>> Read about what other women have experienced during a Qoya class:

“My experience with Qoya with Aglaee was amazing! It allows for slow and gentle body movements while letting them be very profound at the same time. If I had to describe it in one sentence I would say “Dancing to your own rhythm with no expectations other than to connect more to the self.” It’s a must try!”
~ Rebecca

“Wow, the Qoya was amazing! I hope everyone felt as free as I did, it was beyond liberating! I was reminded of the classes we did at school that were called “movement”, as part of PE – they played music and we just moved as we felt we wanted to. I was often picked out to show the class what I’d done but could never quite recreate it as it was so spontaneous. It’s like get into a studio and just run around and dance and jump and sing with no-one to watch or hear!”
~ Andrea

“I just wanted to say thank you for today’s Qoya lesson. I don’t even know how to describe everything I felt. In the relaxation bit at the end I started to cry like a baby and I kept crying for a while after we finished! But I wasn’t sad, it’s difficult to explain… It was great! 🙏😘 “
~ Paula

“Qoya was a fun gentle movement based class to mindfully check in with yourself, to mentally, emotionally and physically tap into what you need. It is a beautiful practice through gentle yoga and movement to express yourself mind, body and spirit. Aglaee has a beautiful way of holding a gentle, therapeutic and energetic space. I highly recommend taking Qoya classes with Aglaee. ”
– Sophia

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