Proof that abstinence is not the solution to food/sugar addiction!

Open bags of plantain chips, Inka corn, chocolate chips and dates that are still waiting in my cupboards and no longer tempting me!

As someone with a broken relationship with food and my body (i.e. disorders eating and an eating disorder), I used to feel so out of control with food ALL THE TIME.

I was trying to NOT bring some foods in the house by fear of losing control and eating it all. And, inevitably, I would get to a point where I couldn’t resist it anymore and would get all of these goods and binge.

I would usually buy these foods in secret so no one would know. Or if I would lose control and end up eating someone else’s food, I would quickly go out of my way and replace it to keep my behavior secret.

I used to have an exact mental inventory of every food in the kitchen and foods like these would seem to always be calling my name until they were all gone…

But not anymore!!!

Here’s what I found, all thins that used to be “trigger foods,” right now and I just put them back without being tempted.

I am now that weirdo around food. I eat “normally.” I eat for nourishment and for pleasure and have found peace and freedom with food and my body.

If you feel how I used to feel and if you would love to be able to keep your favorite foods around WITHOUT eating them all, you might be a good candidate for the Radicata SEED Protocol I created to heal my 2 decades of struggling with food so I could finally start living a 360-degree life! You have the option of group classes or private 1:1 coaching with me to guide you on your healing journey.  🙂

With the power and wisdom of the Radicata SEED Protocol, I’ll help you decode the messages behind these shoulds and teach you how to deactivate them!

Your non-diet dietitian and heart & soul nutritionist,


p.s. In the meantime, you can also sign up for my FREE Whole Batch Syndrome Online Training for a heads-start towards healing your relationship with food and your body and finally start eating like a “normal” person. 🙂