Pregnancy update: 22 weeks

It’s already been a little while since my last pregnancy update (week 15 and week 12) so here’s what happened in the last couple of months.

April was pretty busy with school (naturopathic medicine) as usual but I still decided to take some time to travel. I attended Paleo f(x) in Austin, TX and drove all the way to rural Quebec to visit my family during the Easter weekend. The timing was not the best, right before exams, but I think I really needed to have a break from my student life and do something fun. It helped me survive the final exams.

Paleo f(x) 2014

Paleo f(x) 2014

Long drive home (8 hours) to visit my family... trying to study on the way. ;)

Long drive home (8 hours) to visit my family… trying to study on the way. 😉

My mom's Easter lunch (completely grain-free, gluten-free and REAL food-based)

My mom’s Easter lunch (completely grain-free, gluten-free and REAL food-based









The last 2 weeks of April were difficult. I had 7 exams to write, including 3 practicals (OSCE, acupuncture and naturopathic manipulation). I had promise myself that my health and that of the baby would be the priority so I made sure I always had my 8-9 hours of sleep every night and that I ate right but it was still a very stressful period.

War zone in my living room during final exams

War zone in my living room during final exams

Sick of studying...!

Sick of studying…!








I have to say that I had a rough time staying motivated. It just seemed very pointless to work so hard. especially to study some subject that I had no particular interest in or didn’t feel would be a valuable asset to my future profession as a naturopathic doctor (i.e. microbiology). I understand how important it is to know the main pathologies that can be associated with different bugs but couldn’t care less about their replication system, whether it’s RNA- or DNA-based or single- or double-strain, etc. This is just one tiny example out of 1,000… I felt really depressed at some point but fortunately I have a very supportive husband, caring friends and an amazing family.

Halfway through my exams, I took a break and had a fun baby bump photo shoot with my husband to clear my head.

19 weeks

19 weeks

As unpleasant as it was to have to study things I felt like I didn’t want to know, I remembered that I could study what I felt was the most important for my career. I don’t think my future patients will care too much about my grades in microbiology once I start practicing as a ND. And I believe it’s far more important for me to be able to live a healthy / naturopathic lifestyle, for myself, for my baby and for my future patients.

Despite doing the least studying ever for this last round of exams, I just found out last Friday that I passed all of my courses which is AMAZING! I guess it paid to make my health a priority so the little time I spent studying could be efficient and productive. 😉

Besides school, I have nothing to complain about. No swollen feet, no sore back, no constipation, no heartburn/reflux. I had occasional headaches and nosebleeds but that’s pretty much it (besides some fatigue, more frequent urination and increased hunger of course). 😉

Here are some of the things I’ve been eating lately:


Eggs, beets, sweet potato fries and salad with EVOO & balsamic


Homemade dairy-free ice cream made with banana, frozen berries, shredded coconut and dark chocolate chips


Scrambled eggs with asparagus

Sardines! So nutritious, they are a superfood!

Sardines! So nutritious, they truly are a superfood!













Finally May 1st came and I celebrated completing 2 years of naturopathic medicine school in 16 months. I don’t want to brag but this is quite a feat, especially that I finished editing my first book and completely created, wrote and edited my cookbook at the same time. Oh, and started building a tiny human. 🙂 It was a crazy ride and I’m glad that my little one is now forcing me to slow down. <3

In May, I started taking 1:1 clients (online via Skype) again and realized how much I had missed it. For me, the most difficult part of going back to school after working for a few years is that I felt a bit useless… so it’s good to feel more useful again. Helping people is definitely my true calling.

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To celebrate the craziness of the last year and a half, my husband and I had planned to escape to a cabin about 2.5 hours North of Toronto for a long weekend. We had such a nice quiet and relaxing time together. The place we rented had a fully equipped kitchen and we really enjoyed cooking healthy meals, hiking and just taking in all the powerful grounding calmness of Mother Nature.


Our cabin for our weekend in Muskoka, ON


Nice dinner on the BBQ by the fireplace (it’s still chilly here): cheeseburger on portobello with caramelized onions, homemade salsa, green beans and butter


Honey & garlic sausage with asparagus


Exercise-wise, I’ve been able to start practicing yoga almost every day since the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I had absolutely no energy at all to do so in my 1st trimester. But now, it feels really good and I hope I can continue until my little one shows up… and after! It really is my favorite form of exercise. I feel like it keeps me strong, flexible and grounded. And studies show that women practicing yoga from their 2nd trimester until the end of their pregnancy have an easier delivery, healthier baby and quicker recovery. 🙂

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise, pregnant or not. ;)

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise, pregnant or not. 😉 [pictures of me at 22 weeks]