Pregnancy: my second trimester

Times flies by!

I can’t believe I’m now 7-month pregnant, with only one last trimester to go until my little one arrives. I can’t wait to meet this little bundle of joy but at the same time, I just feel like there so much left to do until then! But *taking a deep breath*, one thing at a time and I’m pretty sure I’ll get there.

My 2nd trimester was a breeze! I loved every minute of it, especially since the end of April when I ended my 2nd year of naturopathic medicine (and passed all of my courses despite doing the least studying ever, yay!). I haven’t really slowed down in May and June but have taken advantage of my energy to do things I love: helping more people by doing 1:1 nutrition counselling with clients around the world and creating a Summer Health Webinar Series.

I love it but will have to slow down soon as I need to prepare for my NPLEX 1 exam on August 5. This is a mandatory exam for all naturapathic med students about all the core sciences (embryology, immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, cardiology, physiology, gastroenterology, hematology and a whole lot of other words ending in -logy) we learned about during the first 2 years of the program (there’s also a NPLEX 2 at the end of our 4 years studying naturopathic medicine). Most people study for 8-10 weeks full-time to get ready… I’m already a bit behind but hopefully the 2 brains I know have in my body will help me catch up. 😉 Good thing I haven’t experienced baby / pregnancy brain at all yet… and I just hope it won’t start on the day of the exam.

at 27 weeks, ready for the last trimester of my pregnancy. :)

At 27 weeks, ready for the last trimester of my pregnancy. 🙂 Photo credit to Heather Bays Photography (heatherbays.com).

Health-wise, everything seems to be fine for both baby and I. On my side, my digestion is still #1, no heartburn/reflux and no back pain. Still no signs of stretch marks. My energy and mood have been great too and I feel pretty good in my body, generally-speaking. Sleeping is getting a bit more uncomfortable sometimes. I used to sleep on my back and sleeping on my side just isn’t as comfortable for me but I still manage to get my average of 8 hours of sleep most night (edit: it’s supposed to be safe to sleep on your back as long as you don’t feel out of breath or dizzy.) Of course, I still pee a lot too and it can get pretty urgent when the baby use my bladder as a pillow so to speak. 😉 I’m also happy that so far I haven’t gained a lot of weight. I only gained 8 lbs so far (12 lbs if you consider the 4 lbs I lost during the first few weeks). Of course, everybody is different and will gain different amount of weight depending on where they’re starting at, so please don’t use my numbers for comparison purposes. In any cases, I don’t want to focus on weight so much. I just weight myself because I’m curious about the number but it definitely doesn’t trigger negative feelings as it used to in the past. My body image has actually never been so good. 😉 I <3 my body and am fascinated by everything it can do.

As far as the baby is concerned, he or she seems pretty happy. Baby moves a lot more now and is definitely a lot stronger since I first felt fetal movement at 16 weeks. My hubby has been able to feel the baby since week 18 and we can now clearly see the baby moves around. It’s pretty cool. The baby also seems to recognize a lullaby I’ve been singing almost every day and the sound of my hubby’s guitar. Baby is now supposed to weight around 2 lbs (900 gr) and measures about 15 in (38 cm).

We just moved last weekend, at week 26 for me. Fortunately, I had the generous help of my parents who drove 8 hours each way from Québec to help us with everything. It was greatly appreciated! I still did a lot and was exhausted like I had never been before, but at last I didn’t have to do any heavy lifting.  I’m really happy with our new place. A townhouse feels so much more like home compared to my 1-bedroom apartment on the 12th floor. I feel like it’s the perfect place for me to give birth and the perfect place to be our baby’s first home.

Instagram overview of my 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Instagram overview of my 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

On the medical side, I’ve decided to skip the 20-week / 2nd trimester ultrasound for reasons I won’t go into here. I’m even refusing the Doppler ultrasound to listen to the baby’s heart. I know the heart is beating just fine since the baby is moving on a regular basis. 😉 I’ve also denied the typical gestational diabetes test (see why here). But I have been monitoring my blood sugar levels on and off at home just to make sure everything is okay. My blood pressure is also fine and my uterus is growing at the perfect rate (which is a good sign showing that the baby is growing healthily but also a good sign that I don’t have twins or triplets growing in there!). 😉

I’ve been eating the same way since before my pregnancy. Only REAL food, mostly Paleo, 100% gluten-free. I sometimes eat a bit of rice, corn, dairy or sugar but only occasionally and I seem to do fine with these things. I haven’t had any specific cravings with the exception of wanting more carbs from starches and fruits. I try eating liver a few times a month and at least 2-3 eggs a day along with an adequate amount of protein and plenty of healthy fats too.

Exercise-wise, I’m still doing yoga (for both stretching and muscle strength) and walking a few times a week. And I feel great!

I went to the bank last week and the teller was pregnant. I asked her how her pregnancy was going and she confided to me that she was due next month and was scared to death. That made me realize that although I felt pretty overwhelmed during the first trimester, I now feel more and more confident. I feel better connected with my baby. I now trust my body more and more. In fact, I can’t stop to marvel at what the female body can do. Our body can go through this amazing transformation within a few months while creating and nurturing life from scratch. I have one more trimester to prepare and although I still have no idea how giving birth will be, I trust that my body and baby will be able to work together. The hardest thing for me is to learn to let go. I want to be able to relax and just let birth happen. As millions of women have done, naturally and without fear, before me. #hypnobirthing

Third trimester, here I come! 🙂