September 10, 2020

the nourishing podcast #021

Welcome back to the nourishing podcast!

Bonjour beautiful soul,

Is is it hard for you to RECEIVE? I’m talking about receiving fully: opening yourself up and letting it ALL in. I have noticed that it isn’t that easy for me and for most of the women (and men) I work with!

Pay attention next time you receive a compliment. Do you deflect it or try to minimize it? It’s okay if you do but there lies an opportunity for you to grow with your ability to receive which is directly correlated to your sense of self-worth!

In this week’s episode, I share the power of the practice of receiving to heal & open yourself to more in your life and a simple practice you can try throughout the day and even as you’re listening!

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With so much love,

Aglaée ♡ ♡ ♡

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