March 17, 2016

Aglaée’s nutrition philosophy

First and foremost, I loooooove food.

I have a deep respect for food. I have a deep respect for the farmers producing our food. For the soil, sun, water and bees allowing us to eat. For Pachamama or our Mother Earth. And for our body telling us exactly what food it needs to function better (if we learn how to listen).

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My nutrition philosophy is based on REAL food. – Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author

I don’t belive in food rules. No food pyramid. No cardboard low-fat food.
No spending hours in the kitchen. No weighing and measuring. No nonsense.

No food pyramid. No cardboard low-fat food. No spending hours in the kitchen. No nonsense.

I don’t like talking about numbers or counting calories, grams or percentage of anything.

I love talking about (and eating) food.
Food that nourishes you from the inside out.
Food that feels good in your mouth, in your body, for your soul, and also for the world around you.

Health starts with food. REAL food. But not 100% of the time. And it certainly doesn’t end there.
Healthy eating starts with knowing where your food comes from and how it affects your body.
It means respecting your body as well as your mind, heart, and soul.

But health is also about having fun foods. It’s also about not constantly worrying about every bite that you put into your body. And it’s definitely not about using your food choices to try to measure your worth, make you good vs bad, or even more ethical or morally superior than others.

And I would also add that obsessing about changing how your body looks is not healthy, for any part of you whether it is the physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual. 

And SCIENCE even CONFIRMS that your size DOES NOT say ANYTHING about your health. 
I am a proponent of body positivity and HAES (Health at Every Size). I know that you can be healthier and happier today without changing your body size or weight. 

And life is a lot more than your health, a lot more than your body, and a lot more than food.

I am here to guide you every step of the way to make it become natural for you. No more obsessing about food. No more wasting mental space and tons of hours trying to learn about the latest nutrition tips, health fads, and diet crazes. 

Food doesn’t have to be so complicated.


I do not believe there is a single optimal diet for everyone.
But I believe your body has the wisdom to tell you exactly what it needs.
With patience and practice.

♥ That’s why I’m the non-diet dietitian and heart & soul nutritionist! 

I have a no-nonsense and gut-friendly approach too. 🙂

I have personally tried everything from vegetarian to Paleo and anywhere in between.
I have finally found a sustainable and pleasurable way for me to eat that healed me and now allows me to maintain my health so I can move on to living my life and being the best me I can be.

I do sincerely believe that a small amount of animal protein (meat, poultry, fish, eggs or dairy) is necessary for many humans, including me, and I’m all about doing so in a way that is respectful of animal life and sustainable for the environment. But again, I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

And most importantly, I believe that food is for pleasure.

I absolutely don’t think perfection is necessary at all,
whether it’s with your diet or anything else.

I actually highly recommend against it. Life is too short!

And I don’t eat perfectly by any means! 🙂
What does eating perfectly ever mean? I don’t even know!

I repeat:

  • There is no such things as eating “perfectly” 
  • Eating “perfectly” is not the biggest determinant of health (and happiness for that matter)
  • I certainly do not eat “perfectly” (and I wouldn’t want to!)

What I want is to eat normally.
In a way that nourishes my whole being, not only my body but also my mind, heart, and soul.

And that’s what I want for you too! 

And everybody needs a dose of
chocolate as part of a balanced diet. 🙂


 So what does a non-diet dietitian and a heart & soul nutritionist eat?

Well, that’s a big question.

I eat almost everything except a few things I have a physiological reaction too.
I no longer label foods as being good or bad.
And none of my food choices make me feel good or bad.

Here are a few things that I eat:

  • I eat veggies, usually with lots of butter
  • I eat fruits without thinking about serving sizes
  • I eat olive oil and butter and never worry about the lie “fat makes you fat”
  • I eat chocolate or a treat almost every single day unless there’s a snowstorm and I run out
  • My proteins can vary between meat and chickpeas, depending on what I feel like
  • I put salt on nearly everything, choosing unrefined salt
  • I eat eggs, including the yolk, and cheese but NEVER the low-fat kind
  • I try to eat local, organic & fair-trade as much as possible, mostly
    thinking about the impact of my choices on the environment and the rest of the planet
  • I don’t count anything and I use my body as a guide to know what / how much it needs

I now know what to eat for MY body
so I can feel good and live my life to the fullest.

Wouldn’t you like that for yourself?
You can get there too!