May 7, 2020

what is nourishment

nourishment is life.

how nourished do you feel on a scale of 0-100?

and how alive do you feel?

nourishment is what allows us to feel MORE life inside of us, to allow MORE life to flow within us, and to create MORE life around us.

nourishment is an inside out kind of thing.

it allows you to grow deeper roots within yourself so that you feel stronger and more confident.

nourishment allows you to grow & bloom MORE fully into yourself and in the world.

true nourishment is about DEPTH.

true nourishment comes from DEEPER within you & goes DEEPER within you.

ꕥ true nourishment is inherently (w)holistic.

ꕥ true nourishment is life-giving & life-changing.

ꕥ true nourishment heals.

nourishment is NOT a diet.

~ true nourishment is only possible when nourishing ALL parts of you:

✿ your body

(the physical ~ your body)

✿ your mind

(the mental ~ your thoughts)

✿ your heart

(the emotional ~ your emotions & feelings)

✿ your soul

(the spiritual being having a human experience)

♡ body + mind + heart + soul = the whOle you!

<< Each part of you {body + mind + heart + soul} requires different nutrients that go way beyond calories, vitamins, and minerals.

♡ The body also needs rest + movement.

♡ The mind usually has an overload of information and is hoping for spaciouness + breath as well as more connection with the right hemisphere.

♡ The heart desires to feel in a way that is safe so that it can lower its wall and be open again.

♡ The soul craves alignment, truth, beauty, joy, & meaning.

And most importantly, what all of these parts of your Self need is CONNECTION. >>

nourishment is NOT an either/or

>>> nourishment is both/and

Anything that you do to try nourishing a part of you that ends up depleting another part of you is NOT, CANNOT be, and will NEVER be nourishment.

Eating your emotions to numb them or dieting to distract yourself from truly feeling is NOT nourishment because it leads to under-nourishment of the body & heart over time.

Doing all the things you think you “should” do with the way you eat, relate to others, and live your life is NOT nourishment if it keeps you living in your head and dis—connected from your intuition and the deeper wisdom within your body.

Meditating and reading all the self-help books is NOT nourishment if it stresses you out and causes your mind to feel mal-nourished.

Being a people pleaser and making everybody around you happy is NOT nourishment if it leaves you empty and compromises your soul’s truth.

And anything else that causes you to NOT be in FULL INTEGRITY with your whOle Self.

nourishment is about CONNECTION.

so many women have told me how much they CRAVE true, deep, heart-to-heart connection in their life.

nourishment IS connection.

CONNECTION with Self, first & foremost.

♡ which then leads to better CONNECTION with others.

and an integral part of nourishment also includes CONNECTION with Mother Earth.

in other words, nourishment = connection = love.

nourishment is about coming HOME.

true nourishment is:

♡ the path back to your Self,

♡ the path to being MORE you, and

♡ the path to creating a life that looks like you.

This brings me back to you.

>>> If you’re still reading, I know it’s because you’re also a true seeker.

A seeker of deeper meaning. A seeker of truth. A seeker of MORE.

If you’re here, I know it is because you, too, have felt the void. 

You, too, have felt like there was something missing.

You, too, have been on a path. 

And perhaps that path, even without knowing it, was the path of nourishment at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul }.

I’m so honored to have you here and to be on this life-long beautiful & messy journey WITH you.

❤︎ your guide: 19 ways to nourish your whOle Self

If you feel like walking with me, I would love to gift you this guidea map so to speak, with my 19 favorite ways to nourish my whOle Self: body + mind + heart + soul. Because we all need reminders to keep practicing nourishment and keep walking this path.

❤︎ the nourishing podcast

And I also invite you to join me around a cup of coffee, tea, or kombucha for a nourishing discussion to deepen on the journey of nourishment together and not feel so alone on this path anymore.

You can find the nourishing podcast on iTunesSpotify, Stitcher, and directly on my website here.

>>> Start listening to the nourishing podcast!

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<< Let the times you realize you’ve forgotten be reminders that you’ve remembered. >>

I also invite you to read a little bit more about my own story and my path of nourishment >>> here <<<.

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And in the meantime, take very good care of yourself. You matter. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel whOle. You deserve to feel nourished at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul }.

With so much love,

Aglaée ♡ ♡ ♡