Why nourishment matters more than ever with the coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this climate of fear, with the corona virus affecting so many of us and so many areas of our lives, nourishment is not only a necessity but the way to take YOUR power back.

Can you feel the fear?

Fear is rising around the planet. More than the corona virus itself, fear is the true infection we should be concerned about. The fear that is creeping up around and within you. 

I feel things deeply. Within myself and others, too. And if I stop and connect with the collective, I can feel all of this fear, this feeling of scarcity, this primal survival instinct, thinking it’s each person for themselves now, living in this illusion of separation. 

I can feel it in my gut. 
It’s like gunk in our lower chakras. 
We don’t know what we know anymore
We are losing our sense of familiar & routine.
We worry about our safety.

This fear is everywhere. 
This fear is infecting all humans. 
This fear is the real danger. 

It’s okay to feel fear.
You don’t have to feel bad to feel fear.
Feel the fear.
Feel it all. 
And then choose.

Fear as an anti-nutrient

Fear is an anti-nutrient. 
Fear puts our nervous system in overdrive (stress-or-flight mode or sympathetic mode)
Fear causes our stress hormones to flood our bloodstream. 
Fear suppresses our immune system. 
Fear robs us of the present moment. À
Fear turns the light off and leaves us alone in the dark. 

Fear drains us at all levels: physically + mentally + emotionally + spiritually.

It’s okay to feel fear.
This is part of our human experience.

But in times of fear, it’s important to protect ourselves by setting boundaries around social media, the news, and certain people. You know who. Trust how you feel. How you feel is your barometer.

And today more than ever, nourishment is a priority.

The more nourished you are, the more the real YOU expands and fills the whole you so that there is less and less space for fear to come in. For all of us, but especially empaths and HSPs.

If you were ever looking for a time to practice nourishment, this is it.

The coronavirus is here to teach us to go back to the essential. And nourishment is part of it.

How to nourish our whOle Self: body

There’s no need to make it complicated. With the coronavirus just like with any other infection, the foundation of nourishing your body still applies. It’s all about keeping your immune system strong, your nervous system relaxed, and your body strong & healthy.

It starts with sleep and rest. Prioritize your sleep. Slow down. Listen to your body. A lot of things are closed so take advantage of this time to bundle up and catch up on your sleep. This is one of the most effective ways to support your immune system & whole body.

Get your nutrients in. Again, no need to make it complicated. Eat the best quality foods you can. Support your body with all the building blocks it needs to stay strong & healthy. Get quality protein with a generous side of veggies with a good dose of healthy fats. Drink plenty of water.

Supplements wisely. It’s always a good idea to keep your vitamin D levels at a good place and I think it can also be helpful to consider some additional quality  zinc, probiotics, vitamin C if you feel called to add something extra. 

I personally love turning to the healing wisdom of plants and drink lots of herbal teas since so many have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that keep the body healthy and can boost the immune system while calming the nerves. I love making a blend with nettle, red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, chamomile, a bit of hibiscus, and some lavender.

Emotional eating as a messenger. Be mindful with emotional eating because sugars can actually suppress your immune system. No need to be afraid of sugar, but just try treating yourself in a way that feels good to your body. If you feel like you’re using foods to soothe yourself and get some comfort, it’s totally okay. It’s simply a sign that other parts of you (mind + heart + soul) are in need of more nourishment (check out my emotional eating workshop and the section below).

Nourishing your mind + heart + soul

While many of us want to focus more on the physical / body because it seems more tangible and easier to tackle, our mental health (mind), emotional health (heart), and spiritual health (soul) is just as important if not more! 

Here are some of my favorite ways to nourish these parts of me so that I feel more resilient, more grounded, and more aligned

  • One. Rest, slow down, and nourish yourself with extra gentleness: it’s okay to not be as productive as usual and to take more time for yourself. In fact, it is needed for all of us. 
  • Two. Shake it off: have you ever noticed that animals shake off the stress after a stressful situation? I used to have a dog and she would always do that after meeting with a more dominant dog. Shake it off! This is a good way to use up the stress hormones and glucose that got released in the body because of the stress and move on. So shake (holding your articulations safely) or dance to your favorite song in the living room to use movement to release fear and welcome more fun and flow to your body, mind, heart, and soul!
  • Three. De-clutter and do some spring cleaning: perhaps one of the gifts of this situation is that it’s asking us to come back to the Self and to our home. Look around. Is your home a reflection of you? What feels heavy around you? How can you make your space feel more like you?
  • Four. Go outside: Go to Mother Earth to connect with nature and its healing wisdom. Gaia is there to hold you, always, no matter what. Trust that the sun will rise again tomorrow, the that the moon will keep to cycle every month, that the tides will ebb & flow, that the clouds will come & go, that the rain always return to cleanse us… Sit outside in nature (a park in the city will do!) and ask mother Earth to send you the perfect message you need to hear in that moment. Breathe deeply, Stay connected. And open yourself to receiving it. It will be exactly what you need to know. Always.
  • Five. Connect: Now is a time to remember our important connection is in our lives and how nourishing it is for us at all levels! Connect with your loved ones in your life. Get creative. How about writing an old-fashioned handwritten letter? Preparing some special little handmade gifts to send out? Talking to someone on the phone? We so rarely take the time to do that anymore and it feels sooooo good!

    And most importantly, take the time to connect with your Self, too, whether it is by meditating, journaling, breathing, practicing yoga, or doing something creative.

What the coronavirus is here to teach us

I believe that it isn’t a coincidence that this global epidemic is showing up in 2020.

I believe that the coronavirus, as little as it is, is a magnifying glass to show us how much fear runs our lives. Even prior to this whole thing happening, it’s time to be honest with ourselves and look at how many of our decisions and daily actions actually come from a place of fear. Are you ready to choose love? What if your decisions and daily actions came from a place of love? What would your life be like? What would be possible?

I believe that the coronavirus is also here to remind us of our interconnectedness. Part of this fear epidemic is causing isolation and separation, yet it is clear that we, as human beings, are all one. It’s not either / or. It’s time for both / and. It’s time to stand up TOGETHER. Rise TOGETHER. Create a better world TOGETHER. It isn’t a competition. It’s time for COLLABORATION. I can’t be happy in my little home and pretend everything is fine when there is child labor, sex trafficking, polluted oceans, contaminate rivers and soils,  living species disappearing, animals mistreated & suffering, forests burning or being cut down… We are all ONE. And one is all. 

I believe that what is happening on the planet right now is a painful reminder of our fragility but also our resilience and our POWER if we unite TOGETHER, in love.

It’s okay to feel the fear.
Feel it all.
Let the fear open you up.
Let the fear teach you.
And then, let the light in.

Choose to choose love.
Over and over again.

And nourishment is one way to practice choosing love, over and over again.

In these intense times, nourishment is not selfish or superficial or a luxury. Nourishing ourselves at all levels is what will help us remember our interconnectedness, our true power, and our ability to choose love, over and over again.

How are you feeling?
How are you coping with the coronavirus?

What’s one thing you can give yourself today to feel more nourished at all levels?

You are safe.
You are loved.
You are love.

With so much love,