~ Nourish Your Roots ~ [6-week LIVE group program] ~ starting July 17!

Are you spinning your wheels when trying to eat and live more healthfully?

Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to get started
Or maybe you try to do everything at once and end up giving up?

Over the 11+ years of experience I have working with clients as a
registered dietitian, nutritionist, and coach, I learned 2 things:

1) the most powerful habits are the ones we can stick to, AND
2) the best results come from nourishing our 4 roots: body + mind + heart + soul.

This is exactly what the Nourish Your Roots Program will help you do. Instead of falling prey to the shiny object syndrome and getting distracted by too much information, new gadgets, and the supplement du jour (or getting distracted by life in general taking the focus away from your health and yourself), this 6-week program will provide a safe container for you to nourish and grow your roots.

Think of your health like a garden.

Most people throw many seeds in the garden but where they fail is that they forget to truly nurture and nourish the seeds that can produce those very strong roots and healthy flowers and trees that you want to feel your best.

Are you ready to truly cultivate your health
by nourishing your roots?

Let’s spend the next 6 weeks together so I can teach you
and guide you to take better care of your health garden?


What will I learn with the “Nourish Your Roots” program?

It’s hard to put into words the transformation that happens with this program, but here’s an idea of what you will walk away with! 🙂

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will:

  • have a SOLID foundation of healthy habits that nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul
  • reconnect with the inner wisdom of your own body to find the best way to eat for you
  • know how to eat in a non-restrictive way to stabilize your blood sugars and keep your energy levels high throughout the day while minimizing inflammation and promoting healing
  • build your own personalized self-care plan that will prevent self-sabotage from hindering your progress on your healing journey in the future 
  • feel more empowered with your thoughts, inspired with your actions, and aligned with your life instead of having the negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors on auto-pilot 
  • be living a life that is more like YOU and finally allowing your full potential to shine brightly!

What does the “Nourish Your Roots” program include?

  • Weekly class at the beginning of each week (attend live or watch the recording)
    • see the outline of the weeks below
  • Weekly gardening mission to nourish and grow your roots!
    • information is one thing but action is required for transformation!
  • Weekly group call (also recorded) towards the end of the week to share your focus
    of the week, challenges, and successes (days TBD depending on participants’ availability) 
  • accountability and support make all the difference to turn goals into reality!
  • Duration: 6 weeks (July 17 – August 26, 2017)
  • This is a LIVE program but recordings are also provided if you miss any class/call! 🙂
  • Small group of 8-12 people with INDIVIDUAL attention!


  • Access to AJ (that’s me!) and at least 15 minutes a week of individual attention
    through the community and the weekly group calls 🙂
  • Access to a community to ask your questions (to the group and AJ),
    get support, and inspiration 
  • Weekly prizes (1:1 sessions with AJ, energy drawings, and other awesome gifts!)
    for those achieving their weekly gardening mission!

What is the plan?

  • Week #1: BODY 
    • Focus on food, nutrients, and nutrition
  • Week #2: BODY
    • Focus on other health habits that nourish the body (i.e. sleep and movement)
  • Week #3: MIND
    • Focus on quieting the survival brain and negative self-talk to start rewiring the brain
  • Week #4: HEART
    • Focus on nourishing the heart and using our emotions as messengers to guide us
  • Week #5: SOUL
    • Focus on nourishing the joy and integrating all the different layers (BODY+MIND+HEART)
  • Week #6: CELEBRATION!
    • Focus on reflecting, assessing, celebrating, and getting ready for the next steps!

How can I get MY spot?

  • Sign up for only $388 USD (SAVE $100) – coupon code “ROOTS” valid until Friday, July 14
    • Option of 2 x monthly payments of $211 USD is also available here
    • Price then goes up to $488 USD on July 15

click here for the 2 x monthly payment option

(p.s. the calendar will show you 6 days and times for the weekly classes but
you don’t need to be able to make it live as a recording will be available to you)

Who am I?

I’m Aglaée Jacob (call me AJ), a non-diet dietitian, heart&soul nutritionist, and self-love guide. (Bio here

I help women and men self-sabotaging with their food and health choices finally make the self-loving choices that guide them towards the life of their dreams.

My mission is to help you nourish your ROOTS ~ body + mind + heart + soul ~ because I know this could truly change the world.

Nutritionally yours,

Aglaée (AJ) ♥♥♥