Night Snacking: What is the problem and how to stop it.

::: night snacking :::

Do you struggle with night snacking?

I did for a long time. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, perhaps with my blood sugar metabolism or my hormones, because I just couldn’t not eat at night…

And then I figured it out. I finally figured out WHY NIGHT SNACKING was such a BIG problem for me.

The reason why NIGHT SNACKING was such a BIG problem for me was because I was making it a big problem.

That may seem oversimplistic but the simple fact of focusing on trying NOT to snack at night was making it more likely to happen. 

Telling myself that previous night was the LAST NIGHT I would ever snack at night and that today I would stop almost always led to the opposite result.

Not understanding the root reason WHY I was actually snacking at night kept me stuck, feeling like a failure, and worrying about my health and weight.

And even though part of the root reason may have been boredom at times, feeling like I needed a reward at the end of a long day, or simply needing to bring some pleasure to my life, the SINGLE BIGGEST REASON for NIGHT SNACKING was actually restricting (both physically + mentally).

Once I stopped focusing on trying not to snack at night and simply made sure I ate enough when I was hungry whenever I needed it, I stopped having problems with night snacking.

I’m not saying I never snack at night. I still do but it’s more occasional, the amount I eat doesn’t seem out of control, and it’s not something I worry is affecting my health at all. <3

Do you feel bad about night snacking? Please comment below to let me know. 🙂
Maybe the solution is to stop making it a problem!

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