Life goal: eating like a toddler!

You were born knowing how to eat normally.

Knowing how to listen to your body and how to trust its signals.

But, like me, you forgot along the way.

You were told that foods have labels: good or bad.

You were told to eat one more spoonful or to clean your plate, slowly convincing you that you didn’t know what your body needed. Or somehow making you feel guilty because there are starving children in Africa, as if cleaning up your plate would change anything to their suffering.
You were told that you can only get or only deserve your dessert if you ate all of your meal, making those sweets more special and difficult to get. I wonder why it’s so hard for me to stop, rest, and have fun before everything on my to-do list is done?

You were given something sweet to numb your hurt, sadness, and other big feelings that seemed to make adults around you uncomfortable, slowly teaching you that feeling should be avoided and hidden and that food is a good numbing device.

As you grew up, you were probably not given the tools and opportunities to practice to have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

I certainly didn’t.

I’m trying very hard not to interfere with the wisdom of my son’s body.

I don’t push him to eat more even if I think he didn’t eat enough. I don’t force him to clean his plate. I offer a variety of food, some more “healthy” and others not as much, and don’t make any foods better or more special.

We all eat gluten-free because that’s less risky for me but he doesn’t know and doesn’t care because there’s plenty of choices. It’s also part of our family’s values to buy organic, local, non-GMO, and fair-trade, even more so for the repercussions on the planet than our health, but there are plenty of organic treats too.

Sometimes, there might only be ONE bite of his meal left and he’ll say “keep for tomorrow.”

Sometimes he might ask for a lollipop instead of his meal and I give it to him. I might say that my body likes meat and veggies best first but that it’s up to him to decide what he wants. He might eat some of his meal after or may ask for a second lollipop.

Sometimes, as he eats his meal, he will stop in the middle of a bite of food because he now feels full and simply spit the rest of that bite out.

Sometimes he will eat mostly the meat, or mostly the rice, or mostly butter. His little body knows what he needs.

I want to eat like him.

No good or bad food.

No need to know about ingredients, nutrition fact table, or anything else but to listen to your own body.

This is intuitive eating in its purest form.
A strong connection to the body’s signals.
And a deep trust in it.

What messages did you hear about food growing up?

Sending you love and many blessings,


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