>>> journaling challenge {1/8}

1 challenge x 2 weeks.
8 teachings & practices.
connecting with your Self.
listening to the whispers.

are you ready?

i was inspired to create a journaling challenge, which is inherently about connecting with your Self and I think that this is unfortunately not something we take the time for nor that is valued in today’s fast-paced world. ⁣

i certainly didn’t think it was a valuable use of my time for many years but now i know that those moments with my Self are making a huge difference in how i feel, how i show up in the world, in my parenting, in my relationships, in my sacred work, in EVERYthing!⁣

let’s all join together for this nourishing experiment to bring more healing from the inside out so that you can feel more home within your Self and within your life.
nourishment at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul } is a practice and the path of wholeness

let’s get started by connecting with your heart & soul and exploring what makes you YOU underneath all the masks & labels.

watch today’s journaling challenge
take a screenshot of this to have the prompts handy when you’re ready to do your journaling (or if you want to return to it later!)

notice: do you encounter any resistance as you do this? are some parts of you afraid of slowing down or looking within? just notice. all of that is okay and normal.

but remember that nourishment is a practice so keep practicing because you sooooo deserve to feel more like you and be more of YOU in this world.

after all, there is only one of you.
and the world needs you!

>>> you can find the rest of the journaling practices (#2-8) by clicking here (under the highlight tab on my instagram profile). Enjoy!

~ with love,
Aglaée ♡ ♡ ♡
teacher of nourishment