it’s okay to not be okay

it’s okay to not be okay
it’s okay to feel sad
it’s okay to feel angry
it’s okay to feel lost
it’s okay to feel confused
it’s okay to feel scared
it’s okay to feel overwhelmed
it’s okay to feel it all
and it’s okay to not know how you feel

give yourself permission
give the feelings permission
to just be
to just move
through you

I know it’s hard
to feel those things you don’t want to feel
but feeling them
by acknowledging them
by giving them space
and allowing them to move
is the only way through

don’t let these feelings get stuck
inside of you
I know it’s tempting
to bottle them up, numb them,
or distract yourself away from them
and it’s okay if you need to for a little bit
but when you’re ready
feel those things you don’t want to feel
feel them and be free
the freedom may take some time to come
but it always comes

me sitting with my feelings

sit with your Self
sit with your feelings
you may feel like
you need to journal
ask for some support
breathe very deeply
wrap yourself in a blanket
or move your body a certain way
but please promise me
that you’ll practice sitting with your Self
and sitting with your feelings

your heart needs you

it’s okay to not be okay
and remember that this, too, shall pass

with so much love,

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