It’s ok to not feel happy all the time.

Life is messy.

Just like my hair. 😊

But it’s the beauty of life. 💖

It’s the beauty of a 360-degree life that has many colours and textures.

It’s the beauty of learning to become comfortable with all the spectrum, instead of pretending that everything is fine all the time.
Pretending for others but also for yourself.

That’s what I did for years. 😔

Now I’m learning to feel again and just be with what is.

I don’t want to force myself to smile if I don’t feel like it.

My poor husband, an engineer, keeps asking “what’s wrong?” and “why are you feeling this way?” He wants to have a clear answer and to him it’s imply incomprehensible that I cannot always put my feelings into words, let alone know where they’re coming from. He just wants to “fix” the problem. 😩💕

(and by masculine, I don’t mean that all men see it that way or that women can’t think that way, it’s just more masculine / yang as opposed to feminine /yin).

I appreciate him caring but there’s nothing to fix.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling.

There’s nothing wrong with not being happy all the time.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s ok.
I give you permission to just let it be and feel it right now.
Don’t ignore it and don’t push it down.

There’s usually a message for you to receive, no matter what the feeling is.
Don’t worry, it will come to you at exactly the right time, when you’ll be ready to hear it.

And this too shall pass. 🙏

I promise.



p.s. If you have no idea how to do that, this is part of what I teach and guide my clients with by using the Radicata SEED Protocol. 🙂 I’m happy to help you if you’re ready!