Introducing a new look & logo: Radicata Medicine

Many of you might have first known me as “the Paleo Dietitian” or “Aglaée your Paleo RD“…
…but things are now changing!

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“Aglaée the Paleo Dietitian” is now switching to “Radicata Medicine”

I’m really excited to announce my new website: radicatamedicine.com.
(paleo-dietitan.com will be redirecting you here starting July 2014)

*** Why this BIG change ? ***

It’s not that I have anything against the Paleo diet… I am still eating this way most of the time (with the exception of the addition of a bit of dairy, corn and rice here and there) and I still base most of my dietary recommendations on the principles of ancestral nutrition. However, I feel like the word Paleo may be a bit scary for the majority of the people that I want to reach and help.

And more importantly, I want to broaden my horizons a little bit as a naturopathic medicine student and future ND (naturopathic doctor).

I’ll always keep a focus on REAL food but I want my new website to better reflect the more global and  holistic approach I have adopted when it comes to my own health and that of my clients.

*** …. drum roll… *** 

Therefore, I’m now very proud to reveal MY NEW LOGO!!!
[which was designed by my multi-talented friend Sarah Ramsden (nutritionist & graphic designer!)]



I love it and I hope you do too. 🙂

But… what does “radicata” mean?

Good question!

Radicata actually comes from Latin [~rā·dī·cā·tā~] and means
~rooted, having roots, having found a home~.

What does that have to do with nutrition, health and medicine? A lot! 🙂

I really like this word because not only is it very phonetic and easy to pronounce in English, en français as well as en español, but it also has a very deep meaning that perfectly aligns and resonates with my philosophy.

To me, ~radicata~ medicine means 
root of health.
There are 3 important aspects to ~radicata~ medicine:

  • one: find the ~root~ of your specific symptoms and  medical problems
    rather than just trying to mask and cover up the symptoms.
  • two: go back to the real ~roots~ of medicine by taking advantage of the centuries
    of evidence supporting the healing power of traditional remedies and REAL food.
  • threeremember the need to stay grounded and ~rooted~ during your healing process.

Ready to experience ~radicata~ medicine?
Find how you can work directly with Aglaée!


Aglaee the Paleo dietitian becomes Radicata Medicine

Aglaée the Paleo dietitian becomes Radicata Medicine


What do YOU think?