I was using food as a BAND-AID for everything that wasn’t going well in my life.

It was all gone within few minutes.

This whole bag of chocolate chips that I had planned to mindfully enjoy throughout the week was all gone.

Food had become a BAND-AID for everything that wasn’t going well in my life (read how I broke free below…….!)

I really wanted to learn moderation and how to embrace the grey, but everything was always so black and white… And no matter how much I kept trying, I always ended up at the same place: standing alone in my kitchen with a finished box or package of food…

I was so SICK of this ENDLESS CYCLE…. a never-ending DOWNWARD SPIRAL…

☞ Trying to be good and restrict my calories —> overeating…
☞ getting back on track —> eating my emotions…
☞ finding a new eating plan —> starting it for a few hours before eating something “not allowed”…
☞ feeling like shit about myself —> taking “before” pictures of “fat” me at the moment hoping it will motivate me to get back on the wagon —> feeling even more like shit about myself…
☞ finding a “new” approach after hours spent googling away —> feeling so much hope that maybe this was the solution to my problems —> starting next Monday —> lasting for a few days or week —> not seeing the results I wanted —> giving up…

☞ And OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN……. for about 2 decades…

>>>>>>> FAST FORWARD >>>>>>

I’m so happy to be OUT of this restrict–binge cycle.
I spend SO MUCH TIME + ENERGY over the years being CONSUMED BY IT.

+++ So what did I do to BREAK FREE? +++

I STOPPED trying to use a BAND-AID (a diet or new plan) to fix the problem which was so much deeper than my weight or appearance.

I finally took my courage into both hands and decided to start digging. I looked at the roots, found the different toxins and poisons that were contaminating them, and replaced them with FOODS + HABITS + BELIEFS that were truly NOURSIHING.

I started:
☙ feeding my MIND with more positive thoughts instead of constantly bullying myself in my head all day long.
☙ feeding my BODY with enough food instead of wanting to punish her by over-restricting my calories.
☙ feeding my HEART by getting the tools and support I needed to learn how to let my emotions flow and my heart feel understood and connected.
☙ feeding my SOUL by growing my spiritual practice.

If you find yourself not doing the things that you know would be good for your body, I want you to know that it is NOT YOUR FAULT. This is what society tells us to do and marketing/advertizing makes us believe that going on the next diet and/or losing the weight will solve all of your problems. But it NEVER DOES.

How many YEARS have you been TRYING this approach? Over and over again?

And tell me the truth… do you feel like you’re getting lower and lower on the spiral of life?

Are you READY to start MOVING UPWARD on the SPIRAL of LIFE?

Then it’s time to look at the root of your symptoms, whether your symptoms are health issues or toxic habits. 😉

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I’m Aglaée Jacob (feel free to call me AJ) and I’m a non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, and self-love guide. I’m the founder of Radicata Nutrition, which was inspired by one of my favorite words: roots (Radicata is Latin for roots).

I help women who feel crazy and out of control with food go to the ROOTS of their food + health issues so they feel NOURISHED in their mind, heart, and soul and can finally find PEACE and FREEDOM with food, their body, and their life. <3

If any of this resonates with you, join me in the Radicata Nutrition Community to watch my FREE mini-course “GET TO THE ROOT OF YOUR SYMPTOMS” starting next week (June 26-30). I hope to see you there! 😀