I was SO SCARED of feeling.. and I used food to numb and distract myself from feeling for years…

I was so SCARED of FEELING and now feeling is the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL I use in my life.
I have used anything and everything to DISTRACT myself from feelings and NUMB my emotions. Food. Bingeing. Emotional eating. Overworking. Overexercising. Dieting. Counting my calories and tweaking my macros. Spending hours and hours searching for the solution to any and all of my symptoms and health issues. Keeping myself busy. Isolating from others. Pretending the feelings weren’t there and ignoring them. Stuffing them with more food. Never sitting still for more than 2 minutes. Thinking and overthinking. 
And the MOST PAINFUL OF ALL, disconnecting from my body, my heart, and my soul.
Feeling was SO SCARY I avoided it at all cost like a child avoids opening her closet afraid of finding a monster. 
Feeling felt SO OUT OF CONTROL that I pretended that I was in charge by living in my mind.
Feeling MEANT BEING WEAK and I tried being strong by pushing them away.

Me now using my feelings as my compass to create and live my life!

What I hadn’t realized is that being able to feel is what requires strength and is the BIGGEST STRENGTH we have as human being. 
FOR HEALING from our health issues and emotional wounds. 
For learning, GROWING, and evolving instead of being stuck in the same old boring and even harmful patterns all over again.
For CONNECTING with others and ourselves so that we can get the very things that we crave the most in our life: connection, love, joy, and freedom.
I didn’t start feeling everything I once. I took baby steps. Slowly, I built up my courage and was able to take bigger steps. Until I finally leaped and started living this way (I’m no 100% perfect by any means but it has definitely become a way of life for me).
I use my ability to feel to take care of my body, to heal, to grow, to guide me whenever I take a decision, and when I work with my clients so I can guide them to do the same.
If you feel like you’ve been ignoring your feelings, distracting yourself from feeling, numbing your emotions, and/or stuffing them down, I KNOW HOW SCARY FEELING CAN FEEL TO YOU RIGHT NOW.
I just want you to know that it’s possible to get to the other side. It’s possible to slowly learn how to feel again without breaking completely open. It’s actually the ONLY WAY to get UNSTUCK.
If you feel safer walking this path with someone who has walked it before, I’d love to be your guide.
LET’S TALK! Message me so we can meet for a free virtual appetizer.
You can learn to feel again and it’s the biggest tool that helped me heal from major digestive issues, hormonal imbalances (PCOS), blood sugar issues, and an eating disorder.

I’m Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD (you can call me AJ) and I’m a non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, energy healer, self-love guide, and author of the book & cookbook “Digestive Health with REAL Food”. I help women feeling stuck between food rules and food rebellion finally find food freedom so they can heal their body and feel like themselves again (or for the first time ever)!
Message me here on facebook or email me at aglaee (at) radicatanutrition (dot) com so we can get on the phone and see where you’re feeling stuck with your health, food, and life. I’m currently looking for 3 amazing women to start my VIP 1:1 Radicata Nutrition Mastery Program in October.