How to get unstuck on your gut healing journey (part 4 of 4)

Ready for the final tip of this 4-part series to help you get unstuck on your gut healing journey?

This week, let’s talk about what it means to truly reconnect your body especially when you’re ready for the reintroduction phase of an elimination diet.

Hint: asking your body directly instead of being stuck in your head trying to think and analyze your food reaction can make a huge difference in how successful you are at reintroducing foods. Let me show you how!

Enjoy the listen and please share your comments below!

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p.s. In case you missed the earlier parts of this 4-part series, you can find them here >>> part #1, part #2, and part #3

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By Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD
Non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, self-love guide, and author of Digestive Health with REAL Food

Aglaée is a registered dietitian and nutritionist with over 12+ years of experience, and the author of Digestive Health with REAL Food. 

As someone who has dealt with her fair share of digestive and hormonal issues, including IBS, SIBO, and PCOS, she learned to heal her digestive issues by developing her own natural and holistic protocol, which she outlines in her book

In addition to these health issues, Aglaée overcame nearly two decades of disordered eating and poor body image and has now recovered from binge eating disorder

Today, Aglaee is passionate about helping people struggling with health issues and helping women heal their relationship with food and their bodies—and the space where those two problems converge.

Now that she healed herself, she loves eating (chocolate, plantains and cheese are her favorite foods!), yoga, traveling, practicing her Spanish and spending time in nature (>>> glimpses of her life here on Instagram).