healing as a journey: the missing ingredient

::: healing as a journey :::

We often talk about healing as a journey. And it definitely is. 

Our whole life is a journey of learning, healing, growing.

But sometimes, the journey can feel pointless. Or we can feel like a victim as we walk this journey. Or we may want to see where it leads to before taking the next step.

Sounds familiar?

The best ingredient to add, if that’s the case for you, is trust. Without hope and trust, we stay stuck.

So today, try repeating the words
“I trust the journey.” 
“I trust my life.”
“I trust my body”

How does it feel? 

If it feels good, keep repeating at least 3 times in a row and at 3 different time throughout the day. If you don’t believe it, follow the same prescription until the trust gets absorbed and sinks into each and every single one of your cells. 🙏😊💖

(Photo taken by myself in the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia back in 2011.)

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