Have you been infected by a body image virus?

Something happened between the age of 10 and 15.

It started with one crack in the foundation of my body image, then another and another.

To a point where my body image completely crumbled...

And these cracks are like a computer virus. It’s really hard to stop once it infects you.

It moved on to making my relationship with food crumble…
And then my relationship with my whole self.

It implanted faulty programming that made me behave and talk a certain way.

It made me focus my life on trying to fix my body and get to a magic weight that would finally fix all of my problems.

It made me completely lose sight of what I really want and made me forget who I truly am.

It’s a very nasty virus that has spread among so many women and girls living in today’s world.

THIS is today’s largest EPIDEMIC!!! Not obesity or anything else!!!!!!!!

And it just breaks my heart…

So much suffering… but there’s hope!

And I’m not talking about a new DIET or surgery that will finally fix you because your body and food were never the problem! 

The problem is that virus that has been implanted by the crazy “modern” world we live in.
A virus that causes you to forget everything that you knew when you were born on this Earth.

But you can get rid of this virus. You can heal! I’m living proof. I feel happier and more at peace in my body than I ever had even if I live in a slightly larger body. I feel a sense of freedom, an unshakable trust, and just a deep knowing that I finally found my way.

That’s the power of the Radicata SEED Protocol (1:1 coaching and group classes starts very soon!).

What do you think?

Comment below, I want to hear your stories and your thoughts!

Sending you much love,


p.s. Learn how to heal your relationship with food and your body too with my Radicata SEED Protocol. 🙂  I offer both 1:1 coaching or group classes (all online).