grief: it’s okay to miss your life pre-lockdown

I don’t know what to say.⁣

Things seem pretty fucked up right now with the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading all around the globe and this worldwide lockdown.

Nothing is familiar anymore.
Everything is surreal.

It’s okay to miss your old life.
I do. ⁣

I’m reminding myself to be grateful for the good parts and all the love that is still in my heart. ⁣

I think this is starting to sink in for all of us. ⁣

I feel the emotion of grief present in the collective today.
Do you feel it, too? ⁣

Grief is a very heavy emotion.

And it’s okay, it’s just an emotion.

It’s okay to grieve the familiar, your routine, and even the dreaded Mondays at work. Now that we look back, it feels like life was so simple and easy back then and that you’d rather go back there if you could. It’s okay to feel that. It’s okay. ⁣

It’s okay to feel guilty for having complained about little things and the things you took for granted. Things that we can now clearly see as things that really didn’t matter and that we should have actually appreciated and felt grateful for. It’s okay to feel that, too. And to forgive yourself for that.

We were simply doing the best that we could before this HUGE shift in perspective came like a tsunami in all of our lives. It’s okay. ⁣

It’s okay to feel all of it. I do. For me. And in the collective. It’s heavy but we can move through it. Together. We’re going to be okay.⁣

I’ve read that grief is really just love where no place to go. Love that you want to give to people or situations or parts of your life but you cannot because it is no longer. ⁣

Grief is just love with no place to go.⁣

So what if we all tried to re—>direct that love somewhere else. Together. Our hearts NEED to love to feel alive. ⁣

It doesn’t mean that you no longer have to miss what was. It’s okay. AND let’s try to love what we can love. Today. In these intense times.⁣

Because love is all that matters. ⁣

Because love is THE medicine.⁣

Because love is the way to love through the heaviness of grief to find more light.⁣

What can you love today?⁣
Let me know below with an emoji or a few words in the comments below.⁣

This is also nourishment.
>>> Authenticity, connecting through words, stories, and emotions, giving ourselves permission to feel what there is to feel, and turning back to gratitude and love. Those are such important nutrients for our heart & soul, now more than ever.

Sending you so much love,⁣
Aglaée 😘🙏🌸⁣

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