Free Online Event ~ Radicata New Moon Circle ~ Dec 18

I’m calling a New Moon Circle this month and you’re invited!

What’s on the menu?

You don’t need more information. You need transformation and connection. That’s the best medicine you can get during a sacred circle so you can shift self-sabotaging habits, refocus, and plant new seeds for the New Moon cycle and New Year.

During the Radicata New Moon Circle, we’ll:

  • reflect on 2017 and identify your top 3 toxic habits that are keeping you stuck with your health and your life in general
  • dig a bit deeper to uncover the root cause of these toxic habits
  • get ready and focused to say goodbye to these self-sabotaging habits in 2018
  • start the next moon cycle and year feeling clear about how you can take inspired actions that serve you both in the short- and long-term
  • learn how to tap into your body’s Inner Wisdom and strengthen your intuition

When is the Radicata New Moon Circle?

The New Moon Circle is happening on Monday, Dec 18, 2017 at 6 pm Eastern time (5 pm Central time, 4 pm Mountain time, 3pm Pacific time). 

How does it work?

We’ll meet using a (free) software called zoom. When you reserve your spot by clicking here, you’ll receive all the details and a direct link to join the event on Monday, December 18. You can join the circle from a  computer or phone from the comfort of your home (I suggest you wear your PJs! 🙂 ). 

Why the New Moon?

The New Moon is always a powerful time of the month, especially when it’s right next to Yule (Winter Solstice) and the darkest night of the year. It makes it an ideal time for reflection, letting go of what we no longer need, and planting the seeds for what’s next. The day of the Solstice (Dec 21st) is the day of the return of the light as the days start stretching again. A time of hope and dreaming for the new year ahead of us.

Who am I?

A bit more about me, Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD (full bio):
I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in the science of nutrition with 12+ years of experience as a registered dietitian, and I’m a published author of 3 books and cookbooks (Digestive Health with Real Food).
I’m also:
♥ a self-love guide,
♥ an intuitive energy healer,
♥ an Energy Drawing Certified Practitioner,
♥ a Reiki Practitioner,
♥ a Lunar and a Cyrstal Mystic,
♥ a spiritual & heart warrior.
I healed my chronic gut issues, reversed my PCOS, balanced my hormones and blood sugars, beat my eating disorder, and learned how to feel at home in my body and nourished in my mind, heart, and soul using the tools I now share with my clients. 
I first experienced the power of circles & sisterhood, both for myself and for catalyzing the healing and growth of the women I work with, in 2016 and I’m currently studying and practicing to become a Certified Sacred Circle Holder. I have been on a quest to quench my intense thirst for ancient wisdom & feminine wisdom for years and am passionate about constantly deepening it and sharing it with other Wise Women (that’s you!) around me. 

Please note: I’m NOT your typical / conventional registered dietitian. I don’t endorse the Food Pyramid / My Plate and I definitely don’t give all of my clients the same plan. And I always go beyond food for the body and make sure that you are nourished at ALL levels (+BODY +MIND +HEART +SOUL).

I’m very open-minded and highly personalize my recommendations, always while considering your WHOLE BEING. This is why I call myself a non-diet dietitian, heart & soul nutritionist, and self-love guide. 🙂

Read more about my nutrition philosophy here or watch this video to get to know me and my approach a bit more:


Sending much love and many blessings,

Aglaée (AJ) ♥♥♥