Where are you on the spectrum?

I see a lot of confusion around this and I have been confused myself about this for so long.

Does it have to be an all-or-nothing, black-or-white, healthy-or-unhealthy world?

For a lot of women who’ve struggled with food issues, body image problems, disordered eating, orthorexia, and eating disorders, it’s really important to move as far as we can from the food rules side of the spectrum where the focus is on physical health.

This is a necessary part of the healing journey to completely erase all of the unnecessary programming that we have taken on over the years. It’s like a big spring cleaning where you take everything out of the house to make cleaning easier.

Which means that many women will find themselves in the anti-diet, food rebellion, and eat everything you want whenever you want for a while where the focus is more on mental and emotional health. And this is completely okay and normal and necessary for many.

But there comes a time when this way of eating doesn’t feel so good for some people (although not everyone and although it’s completely fine to stay there because it’s way better for your mental and emotional health than staying stuck in the “food rules” category!).

That’s when you’ll know it’s time to go within to integrate and align all of these parts of yourself: physical + mental + emotional. The ultimate goal is to reconnect with your body’s inner wisdom so that you can learn how to trust her and nourish her with respect.

Where are you on this spectrum? Food rules? Food rebellion? Food freedom and peace with body?

Know that wherever you are right now is completely fine. 
You can’t force the process but I hope this post helps you better understand the journey and where you want to be going.

Nutritionally yours,