emotional eating during the quarantine

How are you, beautiful sou?

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that, even though I’m used to working from home on my kitchen table which is right next to my kitchen, it’s even easier in times of intensity to find myself standing in the kitchen looking in the fridge & cupboards for anything that would bring a little break, a little sweetness, a source of comfort.

Most of the time, I notice what is happening, take a deep breath, ask myself what I really need. Sometimes I’m actually hungry. Other times, I need a nap… or tea… or a dancing break in my living room… or reaching out to someone I love… or to go outside and breathe some fresh air.

What about you, ?

Do you find yourself standing in your kitchen looking for a snack or some comfort food even though you know your physical body doesn’t actually need it in that moment?

It’s okay. It can happen to the best of us.
And yes, that includes you and me, . 🤣😊😉

As someone who had dealt with emotional eating and binge eating disorder for almost 2 decades AND recovered from both for a few years, I know exactly what this is like and I know what it takes to find your way >>> through >>>> to the other side where you can NOURISH your body with RESPECT while feeling at PEACE in your mind + NURTURED in your heart.

>>> It definitely takes a lot of awareness + compassion as well as creating a new TOOLBOX that allows you to feel nourished at ALL levels: body + mind + heart + soul.

Eating your emotions is NOT a sign of weakness or a lack of willpower.

Emotional eating is simply a SIGN that some deeper parts of you (body + mind + heart + soul) are UNDER—-NOURISHED right now.

So your reflex of going for more food is actually very SMART, !
Somewhere deep down, you know that there’s something missing.
It’s just that you haven’t figured out exactly what it is.

For me, it was many things and it’s increasing my awareness, learning how to connect with those different parts of myself  { body + mind + heart + soul }  so that I could learn how to better listen to my needs, give myself what I needed AND give myself permission to RECEIVE what I need. The last bit was actually one of the most challenging for me.

More concretely, this is what I do & practice daily right now:⁣

💗 I connect with people I love through my phone daily⁣
💗 I eat meals at regular times⁣
💗 I prioritize my sleep and go to bed by 10 ⁣
pm most days ⁣
💗 I do my best to take it a day at a time⁣
💗 I put my to-do list down and slow down when I need to ⁣
💗 I practice seeing joy, beauty, and love as often as I can⁣
💗 I’m dedicating more time to all of my regular practices, which for me includes drumming, free dancing, Qoya, yoga, meditation, writing, smudging, praying, communing with nature… (not all of these every day but what I need every day and a bit more just to be sure)⁣
💗 I give myself permission to feel it all⁣
💗 I practice choosing love, over & over again⁣

I offered a free 25-min training on emotional eating during the pandemic and your quarantine and you can access it here.

Comment below to let me know if emotional eating is a struggle for you right now.

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With so much love,