Ebook: Eating out and traveling on the Paleo diet by Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD

If you’ve discovered the Paleo diet (or any other diet based on ancestral nutrition principles, such as the Primal diet, WAPF diet, GAPS diet, SCD diet…) and love how good this way of eating makes you feel, you probably want tokeep eating and feeling this way wherever you go. The Paleo principles constitute one of the best templates to stabilize your energy levels, deal with multiple food sensitivities, improve your digestion (IBS, SIBO, IBDs like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, fructose malabsorption, celiac disease…) as well as decrease your risk of chronic diseases.

You can stick to your Paleo diet anywherewhether you’re eating out at the restaurant, on the road for a business trip and even when traveling abroad during your vacations.

No matter how many dietary restrictions you have.

No matter what your budget is.


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This ebook is a 65-page practical guide to help you avoid glutengrainsdairysugarsoyFODMAPsnightshades,eggs and any other problematic ingredients you’re trying to avoid so you can feel at your best at all times, including when eating out and traveling! Even if you are intolerant to gluten or suffer from various food sensitivities.

This ebook is suitable not only for the Paleo diet, but also for the Primal diet, WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation) diet, GAPS diet, SCD diet and GFCF diets!

Did you know that Béchamel sauce and imitation crab contain wheat flour and glutenDid you know that nightshades and FODMAPs can hide in curry and many other sauces or seasoningsDid you know that you could prepare complete healthy Paleo meals with only 2-3 ingredients,without any cookingDon’t worry, this ebook will teach you all you need to know on the topic.

This practical ebook includes dozens of meal ideas, snack lists and recipes you can prepare anywhere, even in a hotel room, in your car or by the Eiffel Tower!

You’ll also learn about cross-contamination issues, the use of fasting as a tool when travelling, what desserts are more Paleo-friendly when eating at restaurants, how to explain and discuss your way of eating in social situations as well as various tips for staying healthy when away from home.

This ebook also provides various useful and easy-to-print tables, charts and lists:

  • list of foods and ingredients to avoid when eating out,
  • tips for making restaurant meals Paleo-friendly,
  • useful translations when going out of the country
  • convenient kitchen equipment to bring with you when away from home,
  • grocery shopping list, and
  • various inspiring lists of meal and snack ideas to eat anywhere you go (on the road, in a hotel room or when traveling).


Traveling on the Paleo diet (and with food sensitivities)  is feasible!

Traveling on the Paleo diet (and with food sensitivities) is feasible!

Want to know a bit more about what this ebook is about? Here’s the table of content:


  • Determining the strictness level you need when eating out and traveling
  • Identifying your food priorities

Staying Paleo when eating out

  • With friends and family
  • At work (or school)
  • At the restaurant
  • Ingredients and foods to avoid
  • Making different cuisines Paleo-friendly
  • Dealing with sub-optimal foods (non-organic produce, conventionally raised meat, processed meat and refined oils)
  • Paleo-friendly dessert options

Eating Paleo on the road

  • Road trip
  • Flying
  • Accommodations (with and without access to a kitchen)

Eating Paleo while traveling

Resources (my favorite items to pack when away from home)

Recipes (easy snacks and meals you can prepare almost anywhere)

Appendix (printable information-packed cheat sheet with useful food lists and charts)


Add to CartCAD$15 (about US$12)

This ebook is in PDF format and will be available for direct download instantly. You can read it with Adobe Acrobat on your computer (or any other devices that are compatible with PDF documents, such as iPads, kindles or smart phones) or print it in the comfort of your home. The electronic format of this ebook also allows it to be interactive by including many internal links (directing you within the ebook) and external links (pointing to useful websites and resources).

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About the author

I am a Canadian-trained registered dietitian and have travelled to over 20+ countries, mostly backpacking-style, and lived overseas for over 2 years. I choose to adhere to a Paleo & GAPS-like diet at all times because it’s the only way of eating that allows me to feel good and control my food sensitivities. I’ve managed to stick to a grain-free, dairy-free, low-carb and processed food-free diet anywhere in the world and am happy to share my secrets with you so you can too. I wrote this ebook to help you feel at your best wherever you choose to go, whether you’re eating out with your friends or family, going to the restaurant, spending time on the road or traveling abroad. All the pictures (dozens of them) included in this ebook were taken as part of my travels.

I love traveling and visited over 20+ countries in the last 5 years... and I managed to stay Paleo and gluten-free in all of them!

I love traveling and visited over 20+ countries in the last 5 years… and I managed to stay Paleo and gluten-free in all of them!