Eat your butter with your veggies!

Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the cover of Time magazine saying “Eat Butter”.
I couldn’t be happier (unlike many other dietitians I know…)! 😀

In dietetic school, I learned all about how saturated fat and cholesterol (mainly present in animal products) were clogging our arteries and killing us by causing heart diseases. It was so convincing that I switched to margarine and vegetable oils and recommended my patients to do the same for a few years… until I found out about the mountain of evidence, showing that we had it all backwards, that had been kept away from me.

The fact that saturated fats are not the villain we thought they were and that excess carbohydrates (especially refined from grain products and sugar) are to blame in the obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease epidemic that has been affecting more and more of us in the last decades is NOT NEWS.  This is not new information, just information that is not taught to registered dietitians and doctors and information that is not made available to the public… until now!

I believe that the article Ending the War on Fat published in the Time magazine (June 2014), exactly 30 years after their very sad Cholesterol and Now the Bad News article at the root of our fat-phobic society was first published, will hopefully make this information more available and mainstream. It’s about time, isn’t it! 😉

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If you want more info on how fats are so important to your health, head over here (11 reasons to include more fats in your REAL food diet). And you’ll see that butter is clearly on my list of healthy fats.

Some of my favorite healthy traditional fats directly from Mother Nature!

Some of my favorite healthy traditional fats directly from Mother Nature!

Bottom line

Don’t expect the food guide or food pyramid of your respective country to change anytime soon though. Don’t even expect dietitians, doctors and big associations like the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association to change their guidelines in the near future either. The truth will slowly become clearer for everyone in the next few years but in the meantime, you at least have something solid to lean against if you’re criticized about your food choices by your health care team.

If you’re having difficulty knowing which fats are good for you and which aren’t, just think of what your grand-parents and great-grand-parents ate. You won’t go wrong.

Trust the fats that have been part of the human diets for centuries and ditch the ones that were introduced in the last 50-100 years and your heart will thank you.

And think twice before spreading that healthy butter on your toast or muffin.

Fats are good for you but don’t forget about the other piece of the puzzle: limit refined carbohydrates. That includes all kinds of breads, breakfast cereals, baked goods, granola bars and desserts.

So use that butter wisely and put it on your vegetables and sweet potatoes instead. Enjoy!

Want to dig deeper?

For more info on the topic, I highly encourage you to read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. But I warn you, this is a very dense and scientific read. For an easier-to-read version, go for the lightened version by the same author Why We Get Fat.

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