Do you eat your emotions? Do you want to know what is at the root of your emotional eating? (FREE GIFT!)

Pretty much all of my clients have experienced it a few times in their life and many struggle with it so much that they feel trapped in a vicious never-ending cycle of self-sabotage. I suffered from it and its evil spell for many years… even as a registered dietitian!

Don’t feel bad if you struggle with it.

You are not alone and it’s not your fault that nothing has worked for you so far.

The problem isn’t you, it’s that the strategies you tried were more like band-aids and never addressed the real root of your emotional eating.

So, what is emotional eating exactly? 

There are many ways to define it but if you have experienced at least 3 of the symptoms below more than once a week, emotional eating might be a problem for you in your life and I highly suggest you watch my free video course below.

  • You feel out of control with food
  • You feel like you’re on auto-pilot when eating
  • You eat food that you know aren’t good for you or overeat even “healthy” foods
  • You eat food that you don’t really want to eat, sometimes just to rebel or even punish yourself
  • You sometimes eat food that you don’t even enjoy eating just so you can eat
  • You hide to eat food
  • You plan binges in your head
  • You often find yourself standing in the kitchen, grabbing anything you can,
    and eating like a zombie
  • You often feel like a failure with your effort to “control” your eating
  • You feel like you don’t have any willpower with food (as opposed to other areas of your life)
  • You feel crazy around food
  • You feel like food is your best friend and your worse enemy at the same time
  • You feel stuck in a very vicious cycle as if in the movie Groundhog day where you always start your day with good intentions but then something happens and you end up eating your emotions and the whole thing is repeated over and over again every single day

How many of these symptoms did you get?

Start watching if you relate to more than 3 of these symptoms at least once a week.

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Who am I?

I’m Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD, author.
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  • I used to feel like I ate my feelings until I cut out processed sugar. Turns out that I was just addicted to sugar and was more aware of my withdrawal symptoms whenever I’d get stressed. Appeasing the cravings would relax me.

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