5 signs your relationship with food might be broken… even if you don’t think you suffer from disordered eating (or don’t want to admit it)!

Note: It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I want to raise awareness about this problem that affects so many of us and the people we love. You probably heard of eating disorders like binge eating disorder, anorexia, and bulimia BUT you might not be aware that there are many more forms of DISORDERED EATING that touch the millions of us struggling with our relationship with food and our body.

I’ll be posting a short 5-min video every single day this week to help you see whether YOUR relationship with food and your body might need some healing. 🙂

Watch the whole series of video here.


How many of these signs do you have?

Here are the cliff notes for today’s video.

  • Sign #1: You rely on food rules or something else than your body to make your food decisions.
    • It’s good to learn about basic nutrition but many people take that too far
    • These ways of eating should be used as a template to learn about what works best for your body
    • For years, I tried to stick myself into different “diet” or “eating lifestyle” boxes because I thought my body was broken and didn’t speak to me in a way that makes sense… but it’s only because our relationship was “complicated” and I didn’t know how to listen!
  • Sign #2: You sometimes (or often) feel out of control with food or like a food/sugar addict.
    • If you feel like you’re always falling “off the wagon”, it means that what you’re doing is NOT sustainable. The problem is not you or your body, it’s the diet or “way of eating”!
    • Never feeling satisfied and always feeling HUNGRY for more are signs that your “self” (your heart, mind, body, and soul) is not truly and fully nourished 
    • For years, I thought I was a sugar addict but can now eat small / moderate amounts almost daily without triggering a binge or overeating episode (and believe me, I never thought this could be possible!)
  • Sign #3: You label food as being “good vs bad”, “healthy vs unhealthy”, or “clean vs dirty?”.
    • This keeps you stuck in a black-and-white way of thinking that causes you to always fall the same downward spiral
    • You eat something “bad” which causes you to feel guilty which makes you decide to start a new diet on Monday which makes you feel afraid of the coming restriction / hunger which makes you want to eat all the food while you can. Then you start that “diet” or you start eating “clean” or “strict”, and after a few hours or days or weeks, the pressure builds up again until you face a tempatation, give up, and start all over again.
    • Only you’re starting lower on that downward spiral every time. You can’t win at this. NOBODY CAN!
  • Sign #4: You often have feelings of disappointment, guilt, shame, hopelessness and helplessness around food and your body.
    • These feelings should NEVER be associated with food or your body. 
    • It’s not your fault you have these feelings, it’s a conditioned reaction that has been implanted by the media, society, and almost everybody around us since your tender age.
    • Food should be about feeling satisfied and nourished, about feeling grounded, about feeling connected with your body, with other people, and with where your food comes from, and food should also be about pleasure and fun!
    • Those negative feelings were implanted to keep us stuck in a very vicious loop of trying to lose weight and conform to society’s standards of beauty so we can contribute to the $60-billion a year diet industry.
    • Making us feel insecure is their secret ingredient to make us want to buy diet foods, diet plans, anti-wrinkle creams and cellulite wrap. If you felt happy with your body and your life, you wouldn’t buy these would you?
    • You can UNPLUG from THE MATRIX NOW! Healing your relationship with food and your body leads to better physical, emotional, and mental health as well as a more fulfilling life. I’m living proof of this!
  • Sign #5: You spend the majority of your waking hours thinking about food (what you should and shouldn’t eat and how much and when), your next diet, the exercise you should be doing, your weight, and the way you look.
    • A few years ago, I was SHOCKED by this quote from Chris Kresser, L. Ac.: “There is more to health than nutrition and there is more to life than health“. WHAT???? THIS IS ALL OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!
    • For years, nutrition and heatlh and weight loss were everything for me and there wasn’t room for anything else. I lived a 15-degree life but didn’t know it. When you’re stuck in a prison cell all of your life, how can you know you’re in one?
    • Now that I escaped that prison, I can now truly see and understand what this quote means and I can now feel what it’s like to live a full 360-degree life. It’s not always pink but it feels so much better to life this way! And I want that for you too!

How many of these signs do you have?

Watch the whole series of video here.

So how do you feel? And what do you think?

Let me know what food for thought these four questions are bringing for you (below in the comments).




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