The WORST antinutrient and the BEST nutrient activator that nobody is talking about

Note: It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I want to raise awareness about this problem that affects so many of us and the people we love. You probably heard of eating disorders like binge eating disorder, anorexia, and bulimia BUT you might not be aware that there are many more forms of DISORDERED EATING that touch the millions of us struggling with our relationship with food and our body.

I’ll be posting a short 5-min video every single day this week to help you see whether YOUR relationship with food and your body might need some healing. 🙂

Watch the whole series of video here.


Today I want to talk about the WORST antinutrient and the BEST nutrient activator in the world that nobody is talking about! These two can truly make a BIG difference in both your physical AND mental health and a BIG difference between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship with food.

Here are the cliff notes for this video;

  • the worst antinutrient: GUILT
    • Study showed that people labeling cake as “bad” and experienced guilt when eating it were less successful with their health goals
    • Participants associating chocolate cake with celebration and not experiencing guilt when eating it were more successful with their health goals
    • Bottom line: labeling foods as “good vs bad”, “healthy or unhealthy”, “Paleo or not Paleo”, “clean vs dirty?”, etc is not healthy for your physical and mental health at all and actually backfires!
      • Guilt keeps you stuck in a black-and-white way of thinking 
  • the best nutrient activators: COMPASSION, PRESENCE & PLEASURE
    • COMPASSION and bingeing study:
      • guilt after eating a donut made women feel out of control and caused them to overeat candies (because they had already fallen off the wagon and/or to self-medicate)
      • women encouraged to feel compassion for themselves after eating that same donut didn’t feel out of control and didn’t binge on the candies
      • Bottom line: compassion is an important nutrient activator! Don’t be so hard on yourself! 
    • PLEASURE and iron absorption:
      •  Thai women absorbed 50% more iron from a Thai meal they enjoyed compared to the same meal eaten by Swedish women
      • When that very same meal was blended into an unfamiliar and unpalatable meal, Thai women absorbed 70% less iron!
      • Bottom line: Forcing yourself to eat certain foods for the sake of your health or losing weight won’t do you any good (both for your mental and physical health)
        • It’s not only about WHAT you eat, it’s about HOW you eat it and your STATE OF MIND while you eat it.

Watch the whole series of video here.

So how do you feel? And what do you think?

Let me know what food for thought these four questions are bringing for you (below in the comments).




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