3 things that diets and “clean eating” are very effective for (but that you do NOT WANT!)

Note: It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week and I want to raise awareness about this problem that affects so many of us and the people we love. You probably heard of eating disorders like binge eating disorder, anorexia, and bulimia BUT you might not be aware that there are many more forms of DISORDERED EATING that touch the millions of us struggling with our relationship with food and our body.

I’ll be posting a short 5-min video every single day this week to help you see whether YOUR relationship with food and your body might need some healing. 🙂

Watch the whole series of video here.


Whether you’re constantly on a diet or trying to get back on a diet, or whether you prefer to use the terms “clean eating” or a certain eating “lifestyle”, then you need to watch today’s video!

Here’s a summary of the key points of today’s video and the three things diets are the most effective at doing, which are actually things you DON’T WANT!

  •  Weight gain!!!
    • Diets are very effective at causing weight gain!
    • Did you notice that it gets harder and harder to get back to your “ideal” weight every time and that your set point (weight between diets) keeps getting higher and higher?
    • The younger we start dieting, the more harmful diets can be for our health 
    • It’s NOT YOUR FAULT!
    • Diets simply don’t work for weight loss for 95-98% of the people, they actually make us fatter 
    • Studies show that it’s more dangerous to be 5 lbs underweight than 75 lbs overweight (reference: Linda Bacon)
  • Disordered eating and eating disorders
    • Diets are one of the main cause of eating disorders and disordered eating
    • The dieting industry is a $60-billion industry A YEAR in the US alone!
    • There’s a whole spectrum of disordered eating, with eating disorders being at the extreme end of it
    • Did you notice that your relationship with food and your body keep getting worse after every new diet you try?
  • Dissatisfaction with your body and your life
    • Do you feel like your whole life revolves around food, what you eat, what you should or shouldn’t eat, how much you should or shouldn’t eat, your weight, whether you’re losing or gaining, how your body looks, etc?
    • Dieting causes us to feel stuck and like there’s something missing
    • Dieting causes unhappiness, feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, self-loathing, and even self-hatred
    • Constantly trying to control our food or the way our body looks keeps us stuck living a 15-degree life as opposed to a full 360-degree life!

Watch the whole series of video here.

So how do you feel? And what do you think?

Let me know what food for thought these questions are bringing for you (below in the comments).




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2 thoughts on “3 things that diets and “clean eating” are very effective for (but that you do NOT WANT!)

  • I feel confused.
    i think that some “food” shouldn’t be sell as food, like candy for example. If I clean my diet from those food, how could be bad ? I mean, it’s not natural at all to have those products available and eating them !

    • Hi there!

      I understand!

      I’m not saying that all foods are good for us but I’m saying that we shouldn’t need an external set of rules to tell us what is best for us. Learning about some basic nutrition is a great idea but then I strongly believe it is best to learn from your own body.

      Learning how that candy feels for you to learn whether this is a good option for you or not. Learning about the impact on that candy on the environment and the planet might also be another good angle I encourage people to look at if you want to be a conscious and aware human being.

      These ways to look at food are way better than having a dietitian like me telling you to eat it or not eat it.

      The 2 biggest differences are:
      * choosing certain foods from LOVE for your body and the planet as opposed from FEAR, and
      * choosing certain foods because you feel good before, during, and after eating them (in your body but also in your heart, mind, and soul).

      I hope that helps you better understand my point of view. 🙂

      Your non-diet dietitian and heart & soul nutritionist, AJ

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