April 1, 2020

~ connection circle ~

How are you doing?
How are you really doing?
In your body + mind + heart + soul?

These intense times are making us realize the importance of connection.

Real, authentic, deep connections.

That’s what makes us feel humans.

As things have gone in lockdown and as many of us are quarantined home, forced to slow down, be with ourselves, and keep our distance from other humans, it’s time to use the gift of technology to learn how to connect authentically in the comfort & safety of your own home.

Connection is a nutrient for the human heart & for our soul.

Connection is nourishment.

Come and gather with me around the virtual campfire!
Our group calls are held on zoom. Small groups of no more than 13 people. RSPV in my calendar below. Here are the themes that will hold the connection circles this month.

  • April 5th @ 3pm ET:
    collecting joy even & especially in these challenging times
  • April 9th @ 6pm ET:
    mindful vs heartful: finding YOUR way through
  • April 16th @ 1pm ET:
    how to cultivate your freedom in quarantine
  • April 23rd @ 6pm ET:
    connecting with the body to access your inner wisdom
  • April 30th @ 1pm ET:
    dreams ~ you’re still allowed to dream and how it’s connected to your purpose

Each circle includes a short guided grounding meditation, a safe container to connect with yourself, an opportunity to feel connected with other like-minded humans, a short teaching, some sharing, and actionable steps to take with you for the next week.

All you need is you!
RSVP your spot(s) below!

with so much love,
Aglaée ♡ ♡ ♡