February 5, 2021

The Nourishing Inner Circle

As a triple nutrition author, coach, certified Qoya teacher, certified self-love guide, sacred circle holder, energy healer, former registered dietitian (I resigned my title after 15+ years), moon lover, daughter of Gaia, mother, and woman in the world, the whispers of my soul have now guided me to gather women ready for a lifestyle of nourishment.

After now being recovered from my 2-decade-long eating disorder (binge eating disorder) and feeling free & home in my body, in addition to having created a life that looks like me, which includes my fulfilling sacred work, my partner, a man who is emotionally available and able to see the whOle me, harmony between my different roles so that I can parent from a nourished place, and a lifestyle of nourishment that guide me to live from soul, I know there’s a reason my path took me to all of these places.

And this is why I’ve created the nourishing inner circle, a container for a lifestyle of nourishmentthat includes weekly movement practices like Qoya, women circles, guided journaling prompts, reminders to remember to remember, and so much more.

I choose nourishment because I can no longer not.
In my body + mind + heart + soul.

It’s about food. It’s about moving our body. It’s about feeling as healthy as we can be.

And it’s also about
so much more than that.

I choose nourishment because I can no longer not.

And so can you.

Here is the calendar of events for the Nourishing Inner Circle. Please know that you can attend the Qoya classes and circles live OR catch up the recording at your own convenience!

The Nourishing Inner Circle is a container of practices for a lifestyle of nourishment at ALL levels { body + mind + heart + soul } that includes:
– a monthly theme to hold you
– a community of women practicing nourishment
– weekly Qoya classes (movement practice)
– weekly movement ritual
– weekly journaling prompts
– monthly New Moon & Full Moon circles
– monthly book club
– nourishment reminders

Find out all the details and whether the doors are currently open for new members right here.