I was SO SCARED of feeling.. and I used food to numb and distract myself from feeling for years…

I was so SCARED of FEELING and now feeling is the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL I use in my life.   I have used anything and everything to DISTRACT myself from feelings and NUMB my emotions. Food. Bingeing. Emotional eating. Overworking. Overexercising. Dieting. Counting my calories and tweaking my macros. Spending hours and hours searching for[…]

Help! I’m constipated! – 7 Natural Strategies to Eliminate Daily (because you should!)

Constipation is not something most people feel comfortable talking about. Even to their doctors. Anyone who ever experienced it know how unpleasant, painful and even debilitating it can be. And for those who manage to build up the courage to discuss it with their doctors, the disappointing and infective usual prescription of eating more fiber, more whole grains[…]